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Found 3 results

  1. What is the issue with today's generation of Sikhs. Ie in the last 20 years so? Our Sikh boys and girls are putting off marriage and getting wed far to late. It's almost become like a trend where they are putting of this most important aspect of Sikhi to reproduce and start a family life. It seems our lot just want to enjoy the single life, party, date and not have responsibility of a partner and kids. Sikhs are getting married in their late 30's and then as a consequence they have low fertility levels due to fertility decreasing in age. Many seem scared of marriage when they should not be. It's almost like everyone labels marriage as a boring thing, best to avoid until the last minute as it's some kind of jail sentence When marriage is a beautiful thing and should not be seen as this. At the same time Muslims get married in their 20's and churning out kids like no tommorow. Are lot seem like their still trying to find themselves and figuring life out. I can understand someone saying they first want to get a job and become financially secure and be a grown rounded individual before tying the knot and starting a family. But that should not take you to be the age of 38 to do that. While Muslim average marriage is is about 24 -27 Our lot are a decade behind.
  2. http://singhstation.net/2018/03/pakistan-punjab-assembly-makes-history-passing-sikh-marriage-act/ LAHORE: The Pakistan Punjab Assembly on Wednesday adopted a landmark bill to regulate marriages of the minority Sikh community living in the province. The bill called “The Punjab Anand Karaj Act 2017” was tabled by MPA Ramesh Singh Arora. Pakistan has become the first country in the world to introduce legislation for the registration of Sikh marriages.
  3. Seeing how marriages are not lasting longer as they used to in our parents generations. And rising divorce rates amoung western based and born asian desi's. Is it wise to get your spouse to be to sign a prenuptial agreement just in case things go wrong and you dont end up suffering financial hardship. This question is particularly important for Sikh males as women are now able to financially earn for themselves and live independently without a man but usually the male will be out of pocket or out of a home if everything is divided equally and his wife did not contribute financially towards buying the house. Has anyone signed prenuptial agreement? And what is the Sikhi religious view of this? Anything against or pro about them?
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