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Found 4 results

  1. Personally I don't see his idea happening anytime soon. But at least someone is actively talking about hard hitting solutions and bringing some justice to the shaheed's.
  2. I’ve seen the reviews of audience that’s have watched this movie and they are good. Everybody has been giving it good reviews. It seems quite an emotional movie, but I want to watch it. You’re welcome to leave reviews after watching it.
  3. In recent weeks the sikh identity has been misused by Chinese state media to hit back at India's use of Sikh soldiers on its borders by mocking the sikh identity. Then indian state media propaganda machine creates a big hoo haa crying racism when india establishment has caused the sikh genocide not pakistan not china. India govt deliberately uses our Sikh brothers against their enemies on the border danger zones for a reason. To deflect all the attention from themselves and onto the wage slave soldiers who have no choice into the matter where they are deployed within india or aboard. Sikhs are caught in the middle of hindu india's mess usually. When Hindu fanatics attacked babri masjid the muslims lumped hindus and sikhs together and attacked our places of worship across the world. And when Sikh soldiers are deployed in kashmir or in wars against pakistan the Sikhs are praised but when they want to fight for their own religious interests for their own free independent state they are labeled as terrorists and anti-nationals. Sikhs should boycott all non-sikh armed forces or refuse to be deployed in area's where there is a higher chance of conflict out of protest.
  4. Do these idiiot; inferior servant Sikhs that signed that agreement not get it? They think they got a good deal for sikhs? The super rich British white ruling classes only care about using our people as cannon fodder and not about respecting Sikhs as equals. If they, british elite oligarchs, were serious about treating Sikhs as equal and good they would implement strong actions against anti-sikh hate crimes on par with what jews get. They would talk about restoring Sikh sovereignty and full support of Khalistan which they were responsible for not creating. They would hold a public hearing about getting to the horrible truth of british thatcher govt military intel and weapons support enabling the murders of Sikhs and attacking our parliament sri akal takht and holiest shrine in 1984. And see that the was guilty punished. They would apologise for the heinous crime of murdering 1,000 innocent unarmed civilian protestors in jalliahwalah barg by general o'dyer in 1919 on vaisakhi day. They would talk about giving a visible representation of turbanned Sikhs in the mainstream media and public sector jobs. etc,etc http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/uk-armed-forces-sign-covenant-with-sikhs/story-LqcFYdapNol57IWdNgIxDK.html
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