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Found 1 result

  1. Can a brother or sister please do viakhya of this shabad by Bhai Gurdas Singh Ji. This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdas Singh in Amrit Keertan on Pannaa 282 gurubr Akwl ky hukm soN aupijE ibigAwnw [ qb sihjy ricE Kwlsw swbq mrdwnw [ ieauN auTy isMG Bbkwir kY sB jg frpwnw [ mVI dyvl gor msIq Fwih kIey mYdwnw [ byd purwn Kt swsqRw Pun imty kurwnw [ bWg slwq imtwie kir mwry sulqwnw [ mIr pIr sB Cip gey mzHbo aultwnw [ mlvwny kwjI iPir Qky kCu mrmu n jwnw [ lK pMifq bRhmn joqkI ibK rs aurJwnw [ Pun pwQr dyvl pUij kY Aiq hI Brmwnw [ ieauN dono iPrky kpt mYN rc rhy indwnw [ ieh qIsr mzhb ^wlsw aupijE prDwnw [ ijin guru hoibMd ky hukm soN gih KVg idKwnw [ iqh sB dustn kau Cyid kY Akwl jpwnw [ iPr AYsw hukm Akwl kw jg mYN pRgtwnw [ qb suMnq koie n kir skY kwipE qurkwnw [ ieauN aumq sB muhMmdI Kip geI indwnw [ qb Pqy fMk jg mY Gury duK duMd imtwnw [ ieauN qIsr pMQ rcwieAnu vf sUr ghylw [ vwh vwh goibMd isMG Awpy guru cwlw ] 16 ] With the command of the Timeless, the Supreme True Guru, proclaimed the self-realisation, And then, steadfastly, created Khalsa, the righteous ones, with the undefiled human form. The Singhs rose up roaring and whole world was over-awed. They decimated and raised to the ground the (ritualistic) cemeteries, crematoriums, temples and mosques. (Compulsive) readings of Vedas, Puranas, Six-shastras and Quran was abolished. Baangs, the calls for Muslim prayers, were ousted and the kings were abolished. Temporal and spiritual leaders were obscured, and all the religions became topsy-turvey. The Muslim priests and justices deciphered hard but could not comprehend dissolution. Millions of Brahamin scholars and astrologers were venomously entangled, And were drowned in extreme fallacies of worshipping the idols and gods. Thus, both the ignorant faiths, muffled in hypocrisy, were lagging behind. Then the third religion, Khalsa, manifested triumphantly. By the command of Guru Gobind Singh, they brandished the swords held high. They exterminated all the scoundrels and order of the Timeless One. And this way they revealed the command of the Timeless in the world. Turks, the Muslims, dreaded and none actuated the circumcision Consequently, the following of Mohammed submerged in ignorance. Then the drumbeats of victory terminated all the adversities. And thus was proclaimed the great and valorous Third Faith. Hail, hail (Guru) Gobind Singh; He, Himself, is the Master and the Disciple too. .
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