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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone heard about people getting shot by this Bhai Ajit in Slough. My friend told me some pretty disturbing things about a couple people who had been shot but can't find anything online., All I know is loads of sangat have left so something is definitely going on. I always thought Bhai Ajit was a straight up kind of guy but I'm hearing some messed up stories. Thanks
  2. So now and then I attend weddings of relatives at Guru Maneyo Granth gurdwara, and after the lavan there is a very good pracharik who explains a lot of ways to connect with sikhi and Waheguru, he also encourages simran but he does not make any loud noises and does it calmly. He also encourages sangat to come to Sunday sessions to learn more. So last month on a Sunday I went to see what this session was about. And it was Ajit Singh doing the parchar, I have seen sangat at this gurdwara treat him like a mahapurash, which is ok I guess? I have seen some trailer video of him for an event in Singh Sabha Southall a few years back, and it was very loud singing and simran. So on that Sunday, I saw him with a projector with some kind of drawing to explain some spiritual science. I think I have seen a video of Sewa Singh Tarmala with a whiteboard with similar drawings. And then during Ajit Singh's parchar he was encouraging sangat to shout Waheguru simran in a very loud and intimidating way. I saw small children getting scared as one of the peredaars (guards) for the doors was shouting Waheguru in a very intimidating way. And Ajit Singh was purposely shouting Waheguru very loudly to stir up the sangat to do it this way as well. I was very dissappointed, as the parcharik for Anand karaj encourages simran in a respectable way, and this famous Ajit Singh was just doing crazy and scary stuff, and also sometimes difficult to understand his parchar and what he is talking. I don't understand how sangat from far and wide comes for these disrespectful simran sessions, and sangat used to travel far to the Swindon PKMC gurdwara in the past as well!!! I presume it is like this every Sunday, if they had the Anand Karaj pracharik, who wears a bana, do these sessions they would be good!
  3. InderjitS

    Art of Punjab Exhibition

    A new permanent gallery of Sikh art has opened (4 Nov) in the United Kingdom. ‘Without Shape Without Form’ is based at Slough’s Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara and is a collaboration between volunteers at the institution and Canada-based Art of Punjab, home of artist Kanwar Singh. Addy - 221 Bath Road, Slough, UK SL1 4BA.
  4. singhbj singh

    Sikh Shaadi Meet

    Sikh Shaadi Meet UK Sunday, 31st January, 14:00 Hours Please arrive 15 minutes early for you fill out your registration form. Look forward in seeing you Location: Singh Sabha Sports Centre Address: Stoke Poges Lane, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3LW Feel free to invite friends who are looking for a partner Follow: @SikhShaadiUK Like: facebook.com/sikhshaadiuk Source - http://heyevent.uk/event/37cxyo7cey3jca/sikh-shaadi-meet-uk
  5. Refresh_SC Do you need that chance in life? Then come and see us on our open day on the 14.12.15 from 10am-5pm ‪#‎slough‬
  6. Slough Simran Jaap 2015: Sunday 13th December to Saturday 19th December 2015 every evening from 7 to 8PM at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Slough), Sheehy Way, Slough, SL2 5SS
  7. Hi there, I am a freelance journalist looking into the issue of CSE in Slough. I am seeking anyone who has experienced this or knows of someone who has experienced this, and who wants to get their story out to help other victims at risk or in the same situation. It can of course be anonymous. Also, if you live in Slough or know more about the issue, please do get in touch. Thanks, T

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