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Found 4 results

  1. I've just recently gotten into Sikhi, and need help dealing with a problem at home. I don't know what to do. My brother recently had his "gf" move into our home. She is not an apne, she is Muslim. She always makes rude remarks towards me, if I tell her to do one simple thing she will over exaggerate everything to my brother who will then yell at me, and sometimes even resort to violence. I barely talk now a days. She also steals my clothes and shoes, because she knows I can't do anything about it. I told my parents about it and they don't care. It just saddens me, and ever since she came I have been really angry and been getting attached to world things. I do my path every single day, and simran. What do I do? She is home 24/7 because no work or school.
  2. I did post this yesterday however I am not sure whether it didn’t come through or the admins thought it was a joke or someone being silly and did not allow it. However I can assure you that albeit it sounds quite silly and quite yucky I am genuine asking this question to the cyber sangat for advise as I don’t know whether this scenario requires to be brought for peshi or not. There is two parts to this: I know this sounds silly and a little yucky but I tend to pick my nose regular as I get a build up (possibly because I have a lot of nostril hair) and many times when I pick my nose some nostril hair gets picked out with it. Is this wrong? Should I be more careful? Are there other amritdharis in my situation? Also I now have a regular tendency of keeping scraping my finger in the side of my nostril and feeling the long hairs inside the nostril and slowly keep doing this and this many times this ends up pulling out the nostril hair. Its become a habit whilst I’m watching a program; previously I used to twirl my moustache when watching a program however now I am doing this. I end up feeling bad. I don’t know whether sub-consciously I am aware of what I am doing, part of me thinks I do, part of me thinks this has become such a bad habit its become second nature. Do you think I need to go pesh? I am really confused but its really playing on my mind. I know the above may sound really silly and most probably laughable to some but I genuinely need some advice on this issue. Thank you.
  3. Guest

    Feeling Really Down

    WJKK WJKF I am in my last year of university studying a finance degree and got a month left till I finish my final exams. But things have not been going well recently, at university we get coursework to do but some are individual and meant to be done alone. Throughout university I've been doing my individual courseworks with my friends, as we help each other. I've been doing this since first year because mainly everyone does it at university. But recently its been bothering me that i've done something wrong and because I have OCD my mind keeps focusing on it. Its got to a point were Im really feeling down and its affecting me mentally and spiritually, as soon as i wake up i start thinking i done something really bad and keep apologising to Guru Ji. Im not sleeping properly, nor studying properly or eating properly. I don't what to do now.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Im in my final year of university, and have my exams coming up. I feel like i'm under so much pressure, i sleep like 3am then wake up around 10am, but it takes me a while to do my Japji sahib and listen to the rest of Nitnem, so I spend round about 2 hours in the morning doing path. I have breakfast at like 1pm then. I finding no peace doing path all i can think about is study. Japji Sahib i just keep stopping in between and takes me about 45 minutes to complete, the same with Rehras Sahib. I currently don't any simran, i find it hard to make the time. When I listen to the rest of my Nitnem, i just feel like im sitting here so I can say I done it. When doing Rehras Sahib ji, i start feeling sleepy and again i feel like nothing went in. I don't know why, I can never do path properly. One reason could be my health I'm severely underweight know as food keeps getting stuck in oesophagus and i'm waiting to get tests done. I've been told many times just to do simran, but they guilt of not doing Nitnem gets to me. I don't what bania to do shall i just do a Japji Sahib and simran in the morning for an hour and a bit or shall i continue. Also is it ok if i listen to Rehras sahib, and recite along. Please forgive me if i said anything wrong. Thanks in advance
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