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Found 3 results

  1. I don't understand this , the scenario is typical though. Its some 4-5 sisters, one of them marries outside punjab. And now the lady who has married out of the punjab will be called by her sisters and parents from back home and she too will call them. Its understandable, if one talks over phone like once or twice a week, but 2-3 times per day . What research are you doing ? Is this some high-level business call ? petty things ! and often the janani things of the sisters back home getting full reports of how its in her saure and giving tips on how to control the husband and sass . We have women with such petty mindsets EDIT -- one more observation is most punjabi sikh women have these entitlement feeling of getting a guy for husband who is 100x of what her own status is . No wonder every baandri from punjab village dreams of marrying a NRI . even if she hasn't completed beyond high school
  2. My cousins Chacha took amrit not long ago. Just over the weekend we had a wedding, and I told him I wanted to take amrit. His response has still shocked me till now “you are still so young and you have been blessed with good looks, go enjoy your life for a few more years and then take amrit. You have really nice eyes and a jaw line, DONT WASTE IT” what the F**k. It really put me off sikhi, to know that amritdharis think this. I would have expected this from a mona, not a singh that japs naam!!!!!! My family have reluctantly stopped me from taking Amrit! It’s always “oh your still so young”, “your so good looking, you won’t look nice with a dastar”, “you won’t do good at school” I thought by doing really good at school my mum would let me take amrit, so I got my gcse results and I got all A’s. Just when I was about to say that look I have done well at school now let me take amrit my Dad said “see, if you had taken amrit you wouldn’t have got these good grades”. I have wanted to take amrit for about one year now (I’m 18) due to my past mistakes, by going out with girls, staying out late, my family are saying I will want to do this later on when I’m older. Which is just BS. Just a couple of months ago one of my family members sent my pic off to JD (big sports franchise) for teenage models, and I got selected to go. I told my family that I don’t want to do it and I want to take amrit. When I said this my mum slapped me, my chacha and Dad got REALLY ANGRY, I honestly thought I was going to get hit. I didn’t do the JD thing and me and my mum are still talking but I still want to take amrit, my chacha and dads tactic to scare me away from amrit never worked! I just read a thread similar to mine that a teenager who was good looking has taken amrit can he still date something like that and it really made me want to post this up. I have not eaten meat for about 3 months (my dad doesn’t know this, I’m scared that if he finds out he will flip), I don’t drink and I have never done drugs. Please sangat ji, what do you think? Surely what my cousins Chacha said is absolute rubbish, right?
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