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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have a few questions and opinions I would like to get off my chest, wondering whether anybody could offer some answers and opinions. Firstly, Is there a difference between tying up ur beard (with gel) and trimming? Is tying up your beard allowed as per rehat? Im a young kesh Dhari Singh and I have a crippling fear of regret, I have never cut my kesh and I know I will regret it if I trim, but I also feel like when I'm old I will regret it if I don't, I kinda just want to make the mistake and atleast experience what it feels like to be an average 20 year old for once, I was very immersed in sikhi when I was a young teen and i don't know why but I have slowly drifted away a little,( maybe because the regret of not doing anything normal as a teenanger got to me.).. I don't wanna let go of sikhi or dissapointed my parents. but at the same time I don't wanna be 60 years old and feel like I missed out on epic experiences during my youth all because I was too scared to dissapointed my parents, When I'm 60 I don't think anyone will care that I had a trimmed beard for a coupe years while was young right? And there have been people worse off who mahraj has forgiven, so why not me if I did it? Also, the more general question I have is, Is it better to be fully in sikhi or fully out? I feel like a bit of a fraud or a fake Sikh , sometimes when I practice sikhi, because I also do things which mahraj wouldn't be proud of ..I'm stuck in two worlds and sometimes I think it's pointless to do both at the same time but other times I think it's necessary to do the good while I'm doing the bad do I can balance out the bad karma with the good (it makes sense in my head anyway) and to keep the discipline, because I knwo some things I do are bad and by forcing myself to keep my kesh I feel like it reminds me that I'm Sinning and that I will need to stop doing Those bad things at some point in life, for example I do things like partying, having s*x, Hav bad sangat, but at the same time I also do good things like listen to Kirtan, do paat ( japji sahib and rehraas atleast) do naam, go to gurdwara , don't smoke or drink, and I also have good sangat who I hang out with too. (But my good sangat doesnt mix with my bad sangat, and I feel like 2 completely different people depending on the group I'm with) i already know that sikhi is the truth and i know that shaheed singhs would be turning in their graves seeing this (and me), right now, sikhi is the only thing that will matter to me in the end, and I promise myself I will be a devout guriskh in a few years (with mahrajs kirpa), but it's kinda like I wanna procrastinate a bit Yano ? Like you know the traditional sentiment of inspirational people telling you to "go out into the world and try different things until u find your passion"...well I feel like because I was already born with sikhi, finding the truth (sikhi)was way to easy... I kinda wanna try some other stuff so I can know for sure myself that sikhi is the truth, I kinda just wanna live my young years a little and then once I'm abit older and I've had my fun then get back ont sikhi 100%..what do you guys think? Im really sorry if I have offended anyone, I know some of you may be reading this in disgust right now but I would really like to hear what you guys think, and start a discussion here because surely I'm not the only one who thinks like this or has ever thought this? And if u don't understand my point of view and want to be angry, please express yourself as clearly and constructively as possible, because I know if I read this like 5 years ago I would be so p*ssed off or just think the op was dumb! But That just goes to show how much our thought process can change... Thanks for reading
  2. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh i am moving out to the university of birmigham (hopefully) at the end of this year and i was wondering how hard it is to keep rehat while living in halls with house mates you do not get to choose. eg. being a vegiarian and not drinking etc. how does impact on living at university Also is it hard to fit in when u dont participate in things like clubbing and going out to pubs. how do u survive freshers week? has anyone been in the same situation situation. i would apriciate any advice. thanks
  3. Guest

    Sikhi As A Distraction

    this is a very different post and many of you may thinks its cheeky Basically i'm applying for primary teaching at uni and have recieved two interviews. And the problem is every time i go to revise and sort things out i always end up on sikh sangat or doing something else related to sikhi so i thought if baba ji keeps distracting me i may as well seek help from the distraction :D I have two interview questions and have decided to related them to sikhi too, i will be talking about a RE lesson i've taught to kids about sikhi via a song I was just wondering if theres anyone in the sangat that may be able to help me ? please these are the questions : 1. With reference to the quotation below from Maria Montessori you will be asked to reflect upon your experience of the role of the teacher both as a pupil and from your recent experiences in school in preparing to apply for this course – what makes the ideal teacher? You may prepare notes in order to respond to this question on your interview day."The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, 'the children are now working as if I did not exist'." - Maria Montessori. 2. Preparation is the key to any good micro- teaching session. You should try and engage the group through your use of questioning, body language, good use of time, enthusiasm for your subject. Try to think of ways to get the group to engage with each other to learn the points you wish to get across. All this without props and worksheets! It would be sensible in the final minute to find out if the group have found out what you were hoping they would. ALSO i wanted to ask that i have seen many gursikhs going to uni and having problems with keeping on track with sikhi because of things like work load. I was wondering , is uni really ideal for sikhs? because in my opinion many people after going to uni start to question religion and feel their must be scientific reasons etc. This is just a random thaught thats been in my head recently so i thaught i'd ask for any tips on how to make sure that the connection with sikhi never breaks! Thank you ever so much
  4. VJKK VJKF I have an interview at Birmingham City University on Wednesday and have no clue how to get there... I know as far as Moor Street Station.. please help asap! I don't drive so and are not good with trains! Fateh Ji!
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