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Found 23 results

  1. Vaheguru mehar kare!
  2. I found a Sikh couple in Del Mar who have lived 161 years between them and say the older they get, the more spiritual and philosophical they feel. https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/mind-and-soul/no-expendable-generation-on-the-spirituality-and-strength-of-our-vulnerable-elders/ar-BB17s0Pn
  3. Sikh separatist leader condemns Kabul gurdwara attack, requests India to shelter minorities from Afghanistan ANI | Updated: Mar 28, 2020 15:15 ISTFounder of Dal Khalsa and UK-based Sikh separatist leader Jaswant Singh Thekedar (File photo) London [UK], Mar 28 (ANI): Jaswant Singh Thekedar, the founder of Dal Khalsa - a Sikh separatist organisation, has condemned the barbaric attack on a historic gurdwara in Kabul and requested the Indian government to shelter the remaining families of Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan. On Wednesday, armed terrorists killed 25 civilians in a terror attack on the 400-year-old Gurdwara in Shor Bazar in Kabul. The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack, but many experts believe that Pakistan's spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), propagated it to oppose Ashraf Ghani, who was re-elected as the President of Afghanistan last month. In a video message, Singh said, "In Afghanistan, the way the Taliban carried out a barbaric attack on the Sikhs in Kabul's historic gurdwara and killed children and women who were praying for the people affected by coronavirus pandemic is highly condemnable." "The attackers are not religious people and they have no humanity. They have only one motive to call others as 'kafirs' or infidel and kill them. It is also preached in their holy book. This is an unforgettable incident for the Sikhs," he added. The separatist leader also stated that he has requested the Indian government to allow the remaining Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan to get them settled in India. "Our request has been accepted and after the COVID-19 crisis. Whoever will apply for a visa, the Indian government will facilitate them," he said. "We are thankful to the Indian authorities. We are also reaching out to the victims' families with all possible help. We are your brothers. The horrific attack has happened on the entire Sikh community. We all stand together with your pain," Singh added. The Sikh community in the war-torn country that once constituted a vibrant, well integrated and economically active part of the Afghan society has been persecuted and driven away, since the Taliban grabbed the reins in the 1990s. Their depletion has been so rapid that of the once close to a quarter of a million population, only a minuscule 1000-odd still remain in the country, barely eking out a livelihood amid extremely violent circumstances. (ANI)
  4. Namdhari sikh head Thakur Dalip singh had made a point with no artefacts from gurbani held at World Hindu Congress Summit Chicago to Oblige Hindu Community. If it is just a question of pleasing Hindus and RSS then Dalip singh wouldn’t have made a valid argument on stage that “Why the conference is not been conducted using just Hindi Language ?” Secondly, Dalip Singh Thakur requested with a question in front of RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat to suppress Hindutva and bring bhartiyatav. For making such a bold statements one need to be brave heart like Dalip Singh who earlier too made a reasonable point that Sikhs have independent identity and that should remain independent. It is only Dalip singh Thakur who speaks straightforward in front of Hindu community and brought reasonable statement to think about. Do we have someone and has guts to speak against any orthodox thinking ?
  5. Something which I recently acquired from the Sikh Talk page on facebook, worth a read: Akal Security is, according to their website, 'one the largest U.S. owned security services provider to the U.S. Government'...'and is responsible for protecting critical government and industrial facilities'....'Akal Security specialises in providing security for critical federal government facilities, state and local government agencies and military installations.' . . . This includes the infamous I.C.E, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the government detention centres that have been in the news lately following the recent U.S policy of separating families at the borders and taking away kids from their parents, locking them away in cages. . . . The beneficiaries of this policy are Sikh. . . . In fact, a quick visit to their website, specifically the careers page, and the first vacancy that appears is an 'Armed Detention Officer' where duties include 'Maintain constant guard, physical control and observation of detainees at all times and 'Comply with all applicable post orders, ICE directives'. . . . Is this another fine example of Sikh values are American Values? . . . The company is based in Espanola, New Mexico, and has landed more than $1 billion in federal contracts after the Sept. 11 attacks. The Sikh company continues to profit from the ongoing suffering of those that encounter border control and the recent policy involving family separation. . . . . We witnessed this week the Trump administration attempt to justify this abhorrent and inhumane policy of family separation according to the Bible. Would it be likely that we could see the CEO of Akal Security, Nirmal Kaur Khalsa, similarly justify the policy and their contractual obligations on Sikh grounds? . . . The method by which the children are being taken away is that the staff at these centres are telling the parents that their children are being taken away for baths, only to never return. . . . Akal Security is responsible for recruiting and training the individuals that commit such acts under the rubric of 'essential duties'. They are in large part the ones locking away the kids and separating families and do so as a Sikh organisation.
  6. https://www.kentreporter.com/news/four-winners-in-kent-city-council-school-board-races-election-17/ http://www.kaurforkent.com
  7. "B/c this is the legacy of my Guru. B/c my heart is full of a revolutionary idea: yes, we can & we will." Balpreet #Kaur at #womensmarch. https://mobile.twitter.com/KaurLifeOnline/status/823005190550933504
  8. BOSTON: A 22-year-old Sikh, studying at the prestigious Harvard Law School, was allegedly abused and harassed at a store near the campus by a man who mistook him for a Muslim. Over 200 incidents of hateful harassment and intimidation across the US have been reported since Donald Trump won the presidential election+ .Harmann Singh, a first year law student at the university, said he was shopping in a store in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while speaking on the phone with his mother, when a man walked in and said to the clerk behind the counter, "Oh look, there's a (expletive) Muslim." "Over the weekend, I was confronted by a man who called me a '(expletive) Muslim' and followed me around a store aggressively asking where I was from, and no one in the store said a thing. I was on the phone with my mom the entire time, and we were both concerned for my safety as this man stood inches away from me," Singh wrote about his experience in The Boston Globe. According to Singh, the man started following him around the store, harassing him and asking him where he was from. Singh, who is from Buffalo, New York, said he tried to ignore the man and continue his conversation with his mother, who was worried. She could hear the man questioning Singh and told her son to leave the shop. Singh said the man followed him to the checkout counter. "I told him, 'Hey I'm actually from New York. I live here now down the street. Is there anything I can do to help you?'" Singh said. The man did not respond and Singh left the store as quickly as possible. A bystander who checks in with the person being harassed in any situation can make all the difference, he said The owner of the store told Boston.com that he was going back and forth between the back and front of the shop at the time of the incident that took place on November 11 and saw the man who spoke to Singh come in. "I don't know where that guy came from and I hope I don't see him again," said the owner, who did not want to be named. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/us-canada-news/Sikh-youth-mistaken-for-Muslim-abused-at-US-store/articleshow/55534866.cms
  9. UCLA BPSHI First Clinic Winter 16 at KCF TIME Sun Jan 24 2016 at 10:00 am VENUE Khalsa Care Foundation, 9989 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Pacoima, United States CREATED BY Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative - Free Health Clinics and Education Join us for our first clinic of the quarter at Khalsa Care Foundation Gurdwara, 20 minute drive from UCLA. We will be checking vitals, providing health education and nutrtion information and creating a safe space for communication between sangat and volunteers. You must be trained to attend clinic. A training session will be held January 19 at 6pm in MS 3915G. Rides leave at 10am and return around 1-2pm. If you are attending please sign up here: http://goo.gl/forms/g2p4XQTukl Source - http://allevents.in/pacoima/ucla-bpshi-first-clinic-winter-16-at-kcf/875614252559959
  10. Sikh Society of Harrisburg(PA) http://sikhsocietyhbg.org/index.html
  11. When a Sikh was given strange looks for his clothes and appearance. An incident happened to Pritham Singh - http://dailysikhupdates.com/singhs-reply-for-being-questioned-for-his-clothes-in-a-supermarket/
  12. American Sikhs: For those of you who have been watching the news recently, you will know of many of the 2016 Presidential candidates. I have a two questions: 1. Which political party do you feel is more according to Sikh belief and 2. Which candidates or candidates have you narrowed you choices to so far. I am interested to see who Sikhs seem to favor the most. My background is Republican, but I do not know who is a good candidate according to gurmat. Thanks!
  13. USA Citizens Over 13: Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa Ji is onto his 207th day (as of 8/9/15) of his hunger strike. He doesn't eat and only drinks water. This petition to the White House will help to release Sikh political prisinors. The thing is, it'll take 100,000 signatures to get recognition, and we need that by late September. We only have about 2000 now. Sign this petition and share it with your friends (sikh and non-sikh) and family and make sure the world hears us! In the meantime, protest to the Indian government should still be done. Here is the link to the petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recognize-hunger-striking-us-resident-surat-singh-khalsa-his-peaceful-struggle-human-rights
  14. Seeing NATO'S and USA'S surrender of their Afghan campaign, although kudos to the fact that they gave Islamic radicals a taste of their own medicine, I have decided to do a short article on Hari Singh Nalwa's conquest of Afghanistan. Presently I am doing an article on Nalwa himself, and would love to do a second one on his exploits in Afghanistan. I would like to incorporate and answer the following points in my article: - What makes Hari Singh's conquest of Afghanistan so different from prior conquests lead by the Macedonians and the Marathas? - What political, social and religious factors assisted Nalwa in consolidating his prowess in Afghanistan? - What military factors contributed towards Nalwa's victory in Afghanistan? - How does NATO'S campaign differ from Nalwa's? -What elements are similar in both historic and modern campaigns? -If anything what lesson can we derive from both Hari Singh Nalwa's and NATO'S campaigns? For those who don't know, tisarpanth blogspot is my intellectual possession and most of the articles on there are my work. However I am always on the lookout for a fresh perspective on matters and decided to inquire around on forums, to see what answers I can gain on this new topic of mine. Any historic sources you know of will also be appreciated in this matter.
  15. The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund has been invited by the worlds largest media company, Comcast-NBCUniversal, to help produce and distribute a public service announcement highlighting Sikh Americans. When Comcast-NBCUniversal approached [us], we grew increasingly excited about the possibilities. As President Obama said during his first campaign for the White House, Our destiny is not written for us, but by us, said a SALDEF spokesperson. Telling our story to a mainstream American audience, on national television, is a historic opportunity. SALDEF urges Sikhs around the U.S. to submit videos for consideration for the PSA spots. Home movies or cell phone video is fine showing you doing what you love. What youre good at. What you value. Show yourself driving a motorcycle. Bowling with friends. Volunteering at gurdwara. Working at a bank, running a marathon, feeding a baby, coaching a team, raising a family, riding a horse, jumping out of a plane, driving a cab, driving a Ferrari, or meeting friends for lunch, said a spokesperson. Please submit videos by Mar. 7 here: http://tinyurl.com/k2gmcco. For more information, visit Saldef.org.
  16. WJKK WJKF Sangat ji, I am planning to travel to New York for the first time and feeling quite anxious about airport security as I am a kesadhari Sikh who wears a dastar. Would anyone be kind enough to offer any advice? What should I expect in terms of security procedures etc? Is there anything I can do to avoid the security staff from touching my dastar? Thanks in advance WJKK WJKF
  17. PTI | Apr 4, 2013, 10.12 AM IST WASHINGTON: An American Islamic groupsought maximum penalty for a man from Washington who has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle on charges of hate crimeagainst a 50-year-old Sikh man. "We ask that federal prosecutors seek the maximum penalties in order to send the message that anti-Muslim violence, or violence targeting any minority group, will not be tolerated in our state or in our nation," Jennifer Gist, civil rights coordinator of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said in a statement. "There has been a troubling spike in hate crimes against Muslim individuals and institutions, as well as those perceived to be associated with the Muslim community, and law enforcement must send a strong message that justice will be served in these cases," she said. On Tuesday a federal grand jury in Seattle indicted Jamie Larson, 49, charging of hate crime against a Sikh cab driver. He now faces a maximum of 10 years of imprisonment, three years of supervised release, a USD 250,000 fine, and a 100 penalty assessment. The Department of Justice in a statement said that Larson has been charged with one count of violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act that was enacted in October 2009. The indictment alleges that on October 17, 2012, the subject assaulted the victim, based upon the victim's actual and perceived race, color and national origin, which included Middle Eastern and Arab descent. The defendant was arrested at the scene of the attack after a witness called 911. The Shepard-Byrd law criminalizes acts of physical violence causing bodily injury motivated by any person's actual or perceived race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability.
  18. Many people had lost track of where Dhunda went and many people didn't know where he dissappeared to during all of the commotion during his USA tour. Well, first of all, he slipped under the radar and seemed to gain more ground with no one even knowing. He went back to Seattle (USA) first of all. http://www.gurmatgian.com/2013/01/22/settle-usa-katha-bhai-sarbjit-singh-dhunda/ Then he went to New York (USA) for approximately 7 days. Now by Jan 28th 2013 he should be travelling to his next destination. Let's see where that will be... http://www.gurmatgian.com/2013/01/21/news-ssdhunda-usa-samagam-verva/ One interesting point. In the seminar which was on Jan 26, 2013....he teamed up with Harinder Singh (Texas) of Sikh Research Institute. I have seen Harinder Singh speak at many different events in many different locations. He has even went to Canada and gave a very emotional and powerful speach about 1984/Sikh Rights at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Malton. This Gurdwara is a very Taksa/Nihung/AKJ/Sampardaa/Udasi, Baba Hari Singh Randhawa, Naap Japnaa, Suraj Prakash Kathaa, Sangraand, etc, friendly Gurdwara and is despised by the missionary base in Toronto. Yet Harinder Singh Texas still speaks there. Now, on the other hand, he spoke right before or after Dhunda at the seminar in New York and is promoted on the same poster/flyer as him as well. Is it just a coincidence or there a connection? Or maybe it's the missionaries being smart and aligning themselves with people who are generally accepted and respected everywhere? The same way the missionaries are always talking about Bhindranwaley, Rajoana, Bhagat Singh, Bhai Taru Singh, etc, etc... The same way they hold conferences and also have Dr. Harshinder Kaur (MD, Patiala, India) speak. She is very well known throughout Punjabi media around the world as she has always talked about female feticide and stood up for women's rights and is very soft spoken. So in the same way, does she have a connection with the missionaries or is it a coincidence or are the missionaries using her status/respect in order to gain more popularity? It's very interesting how more and more people are siding with the missionaries. Things are getting very complex now. Stay alert. My guess is that if Dhunda is not travelling within the USA, then he will be travelling to Canada. So Canada Sangat needs to stay aware and ready. Canada is the missionary, Darshan and Kala-Afghana's stronghold. So be prepared. How could Dhunda have went all around New York (a major place in USA) and no one here was even able to figure it out. Come on guys, wake up...they're gaining more and more ground every day with the general Sangat through their sweet talk and Gurdwara managements drooling for money.
  19. US President Barack Obama has unveiled sweeping gun control measures, including background checks and a ban on military-style assault weapons, to reduce gun violence in the wake of incidents like the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting and the Connecticut school massacre. "We cannot put this off any longer. I will put everything I've got into this," Obama said while proposing the most sweeping gun control legislation in decades. With relatives of some of the 20 children killed in the Connecticut rampage looking on, Obama signed 23 executive actions, which do not require congressional approval, to strengthen existing gun laws and take steps on mental health and school safety. "The right to worship freely and safely, that right was denied to Sikhs in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The right to assemble peaceably, that right was denied to shoppers in Clackamas, Oregon, and to moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado," Obama said yesterday at a White House event. — Sikhs back Obama WASHINGTON: Welcoming the gun control steps taken by President Barack Obama, the Sikh community in the US has asked the Congress to support his proposals, saying many innocent people have become victims of these senseless killings.
  20. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recognize-sikh-genocide-30000-killed-india-during-november-1984-yes-it-genocide/Py4DhDGg?utm_source=wh.gov&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=shorturl 25,000 SIGNATURES REQUIRED PLEASE SEND TO ALL CONTACTS, LETS MEET THE QUOTA FOR ONCE
  21. Please help UNITED SIKHS OF AMERICA to win "Chase Community Giving" grants (up to $25K) by voting at http://www.unitedsikhs.org/vote And Sikh Sports Association of USA to win $25K http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/204814361-sikh-sports-association-of-usa?src=vote_share You can vote for both organizations. Click on the green button "Vote and Share" - Unless you click on the "Vote & Share" button, voting is not complete! (You maybe asked to click on "Like this Charity", please like Chase Giving page. Do not log out. Then click on "Vote & Share" again. You must see "thanks for your vote" message if voting is successful). Please email/talk to your friends as well.
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