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Found 3 results

  1. From my observations it is apparent that most Sikhs are so politically correct so cucked that they are unable to see the facts staring them in the face and inability of speaking out against attacks targeting the Sikh community these days. They are quite happy to stay slient not drawn attention to the plight of their community if it means rocking the boat or offending someone. E.g UK muslim grooming/conversion rape gangs targetting vulnerable non-muslim girls scandal that has gone on for decades Bullying of turbanned Sikh school kids making it hard for them to have a confident childhood and upbringing Attacks by islamic extremists / jihadis on innocent Sikh or other non-muslim communities Attacks by Indian government or hindu extremists on Sikhs I put it down to usually having the fear of offending their muslim or hindu friends/ neighbours for speaking out against injustices on their community. Feeling if they did speak out they would have bad relations or be tarred as being some how racist or anti- the other group. Yet most muslims feel quite free to express their solidarity with other musilms suffering at the hands of non-muslims or western/eastern or even their muslim governments.
  2. Recently there has been few members on the site that have diverted topics into personal feuds and trolling with each other rather than post meaningful contributions towards topic. I see the lack of any moderation as its ruining the whole overall quality of the forum and its credibility. The moderator needs to come down strictly on users who start and engage in stupid abusive personal attacks and trolling its not funny its not clever its actually making them and Sikhs in general look like low IQ clowns as often portrayed in hindu indian films and muslim pakistani drama's. Also noticed infiltration by non-sikhs adding nonsense to the topics, one user in particular who pretends to be Sikh yet complain of islamophobia and mock guru ji's 52 commandments. His previous account was banned as he wanted mixed faith marriages for Sikh females to non-sikh men in order to depopulate and reduce Sikh demographics.
  3. Recently there has been a few weird liberal politically correct slave mentality Sikhs that have been allowing muslims to hold prayers in gurdwara premises, give them free iftar meals during ramadan and celebrate Eid with them. To the outsider and the non-religious minded person it may seem like these Sikhs are showing very nice jestures and proving they are nice people open and welcoming to all people of all faiths. However this is where I have the problem, if you going to give special privileges to muslims during ramadan then why not let hindus put their idols in gurdwara and let them do puja especially during important dates in their religious calenader like navratari. Why not let Christians preach the gospel and pray to jesus inside gurdwara if you going to let muslims pray to allah? And so on and so on.... Sikhi is a distinct religion and has its own ways to meditate/pray and its own religious customs/protocols and traditions. To allow all other religions like islam to have special privileges to use our places of worship or to give them free meals specially for their religious days when they do not repay Sikhs in kind by doing the same when Sikhs have our own religious special days ..is showing subservient slave mentality attitude. Also I do not recall from Gurbani or Sikh history Sikhs ever allowing other religions have special privileges. Our Guru's had Muslim friends/associates but never partook in their religious observations or offer them resources of the Sikh sangat for non-sikh religious purposes. Yes they helped build mosques yes they ate with non-sikhs but they never allowed Sikh places of worship to be polluted and diluted with non-Sikhs using it for their own purposes just as non-sikhs would not allow Sikhs to use their places of worship for their own prayers.
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