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this is type of dumllai used to tie before takin amrit, in practising dstaar mode, now i tie a really cool dumulla, usually in blue - i like dark blue ones, really suits singhnia ones ive seen and kesri offcourse :wub:

ive changed abit since this photo, eyebrows came back but still have a manmukhi face. now a tend to wear specs more often, more omfortable in smagams :wub:



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dyamn. i wudnt wanna be on da wrong side of u. proper kharkoo look.

i love the way u tie ure dumalla though. rated



a Damala Should look a lil sumthing like the pic, with ur Shastar hidden away.

hope this helps...

btw, its a 20 meter Damala.  :nihungsmile:



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and i thought my eyebrows were thick........yours are  wayyyyyyy thicker. tongue.gif heehee. yepp you should luv and be proud of them. guruji's gift to his wonderful daughter. :wub:

P.S.: sorry for thread-hijack...now back on topic.......



so how about those LEAFS .. :e:

(now DATS a proper thread hijack) .. baahahahahah

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