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Baba Ranjit Singh & Damdami Taksal

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How about remaining back on topic?

How about sarpanch pm me instead of writing on the forum, you have a tendency to chat nonsence which is evident from your posts,

Degh Tegh Fateh - Isnt betting against the principles of gurmat? - or where you saying it in context of conversation? Either way you are entitled to your beleifs and we to ours -

If they are or are not, how is that effecting us now? What are we doing? are we doing anything?

From what i have obsereved . . . i am entitled to say that . . . at least the singhs who are on baba jees bachan are actively taking part in parchar in uk, in parchaar in india and are going to jail due to there kurbania in the Respect for Guru Jee in India, they are actively challenging dehdharis and pakandis.

Here is the apparent post mortem report of ''Sant Jee''


I think the thread has gone on long enough and needs to be closed about now.

And Singhs that say he is shaheed arent doing parchaar? Sant Ji May be coming back but not as in the same saroop. it doesnt make scense, sant ji is no giddar, he makes lions. He would have come back by know, look at the situation in punjab know, if he couldnt stand keeping silent pre 84 how could he know, that is if he WAS alive. Anyways i still dont see a problem with what Ranjjit Singh Ji said...people have to much ego attached with there jathebandi, and from what iv seen, taksaalis cant bear to hear anything but pro samprada.

Also instead of always runnin from discussions and gettin scared and asking for topics to be closed, why cant we discuss them openly like banday without ripping each others heads off?

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