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    • The cheater who runs crook organization KHALSA AID in UK.    Last year a clash was broke out in me and Ravi Singh of Khalsa aid. Ravi singh had called all other Sikh individuals and organization working in charity and working in the field of service to panth UNTRUSTWORTHY. When i read his comment, i objected to it and asked him the reason calling himself as only servant of Khalsa nation but others as untrustworthy, instead of giving a suitable answer to my querry, he made it war of words. Many other ignorant blind followers of him too joined it started attacking me on facebook, tried to defame me. Few who knew his reality of living lavishly on Sangat’s money joined me and helped by to raise this voice against his false propaganda. I was provided enough links and material to face him. Before this i was working as a volunteer to sewa84, a charity organization launched to provide it’s services in the field of education and medical to ‘widow colony, Delhi’ They approached me as i was doing  such services individually and with limited resources. I welcomed them and provided all information regarding needs of victims of 1984 to sewa84. They started helping the needy financially and helped their children to go to school. They paid their fee, enrolled them and offered medical help. Soon it got fame and all eyes of needy focused upon them in their need. wife of Ravi Singh approached me on facebook and wished to provided services of Khalsa  aid to victims of 1984 in Delhi. I thanked her buton the contrary i asked her if the mission of Khalsa aid to help SIKH DHARMI FAUZIS AND MARTYR’S FAMILIES are over and then suggested her to to keep them focused in Punjab only and let the others provide their services in their respective fields and areas like sewa84 is working in widow colony of Delhi. At this they got annoyed and sooner i was on their target, a fake ID of a DSP of Punjab police was created and by that profile i was threatened of dire consequences, this was brought in public and they  were cursed by all my friends and Sikh sangat on FB. I also raised my voice against irregularity in his (Ravi Singh) projects, no transparency in accounts could be found, the money was being collected in the name of Dharmi Sikh fauzis and martyr’s families but a small part in few thousands was given to them whereas a huge donation was collected. I, being an individual never tried to demand money in the names of martyrsor Sikh Dharmi Fauzis. An old Sikh dharma fauzi approached me to get help for his treatment, i posted the appeal on net, soon many Sikhs came forward, i passed the Bank account and other relevant information to them to send him the help directly. His son thanked me many times but i insisted him to fight the hardship of life himself as Sikh panth is debted to his father but we can’t repay them for the sacrifice they made. Soon Ravi Singh grabbed this opportunity and appealed in the their name, he was a fund raiser so he got it but do you know how much money was paid that family by Ravi Singh? It was merely 8000 and he came personally to his village to pay the said amount. This video was p[ostyed for publicity on youtube, may be still there. I was not a fund raiser but i am not an opportunist like him to collect money and spend for myself. I asked him the source of his livinghood as he passes a lavish lifewithout any earnings but never answered. The Sikh sangat in UK pay for the help of welfare of families of martyrs but how much money is paid for their welfare and how much is collected, never revealed. Only now after many pressures from Sikh sangat, the list of expenditure and collection of funds is made public, just see Rs. Seven crores but only 35 lacs distributed. Why? Sikh sangat of UK can not be blamed for not helping the families of martyrs. I sincerely thanks all of them but why this money collected for this specific purpose to be distributed in Punjab/India for the welfare of concerned Sikh Dharmi Fauzis and martyrs was spent elsewhere or kept lying with Khalsa aid? Why this money not used in time for their prosperity and need? Is Ravi Singh not answerable to Sikh sangat? Why is he against other charity organizations like United Sikhs/ myself and Sewa84? What harms have we done to our panth, if we have betrayed, he should make it public without any hesitation but he must be asked to use the collected money to those who deserves not in other parts of world. If he so keen of fame or to help their in any natural disaster/tragedy, he may collect money for that purpose, we shall have no objection but the money collected for martyr’s families and Sikh Dharmi Fauzis needs to be spent exclusively for them only. By:  humble servant of Sikh religion; Ajmer Singh Randhawa
    • https://asrandhawa.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/the-cheater-who-runs-crook-organization-khalsa-aid-in-uk/ @puzzled  Mentions 84 victims and how Ravi took advantage 
    • That's good, i think once they finish school enter college and uni when sjw brainwashing starts.......esp those who start studying sociology, feminism and all the bs...then they'll start bringing Sikhi into it  There is Singh that went to Oxford, and he made movement on mental health...and SIkhi being going on for years ....writes these ridiculous articles on far left politics, socialism and brings Sikhi into it...
    • I showed the video to my mother and the first thing she said was why does ravi singh not help them? i actually never sit with my family and discuss sikh matters or issues, so she said it herself.  the last bibi shown in the video filled my eyes, can't even imagine what must of been going through her mind when her Singh told her to save herself and go. 
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