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Is Virginity Important To Guys?

Guest *-*natty*-*

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Guest Saraabi

This whole thread is a mess. No one cares about virginity. I am still a virgin yes but if i choose to be with a man it is entirley my choice and no one else. The word "skank" or "" are just derogatory words people use for no sound reason. People have been having sex since human beings roamed the earth, it is a beautiful and natural act - granted you shouldnt do it with everything that moves and stick to 1 partner mainly for health reasons. But whether or not it is done before marriage is not supposed to be an issue - because it makes no difference - a body is still a body and does all the same things a virgins body does.

I wont let myself be classified as a virgin or a non-virgin simply because a small part of the male body entering a small part of mine doesnt change me in any way. I am still a good person, i still love my family, i still do charitable work and i still earn an honest living.

The argument put forward about a person who would prefer a virgin over a non-virgin is ridiculous. Why? Heres a hypothetical case:

There are 2 women

one is a virgin - priya, one isn't - alicia.

They both study, they both work, they both go home to a wonderful family.

One day priya comes across a drug dealer in the street who then convinces her to buy the drugs.

Priya slowly becomes addicted and starts to lie to her parents, starts to stay out late at night to do drugs. She starts missing work and her grades at university start to drop. She keeps up this lifestyle of secrecy.

End of example

Now, keep in mind this is a purely hypothetical case. But for the man who says he would prefer a virgin over a non-virgin simply isnt open-minded enough to consider that other aspects of the woman are even more important.

The non-virgin alicia in the example doesnt come across the drug dealer and remains as "true" as possible in her heart. Are you simply going to reject her based on a piece of skin on her body? Would you prefer the lying virgin to be your wife?

In the end, if a man bases my entire personality on my virginity - which is a , archaic concept invented by men to keep women under their control, then I will be the one rejecting him - I repeat that i am a virgin but this fact isnt my entire personality. A man is not allowed to marry me just because of this. I consider men who want virgins to be mysoginistic and sexist - both of which are not Sikh traits either.

Celebacy is a choice and it is also none of your business.

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i am not a guy so i can't say exactly whether they would or would not. but from what i read based on evolutionary theory, men tend to prefer virgins and are not exactly open to the idea of having thei

Not to pinpoint to anyone in particular, but it is really easy to post personal opinions/views on an online forum. However, when life slaps one with such a situation, what you do then is the real you.

No one is a virgin. Life F***S us all.

It depends on the person.

People can change so someone who has slept with alot of people may regret it in the end and try and turn over a new leaf.

As a woman, if I met a guy like that, and we got along well, I would be happy to consider them.

I'm sure the same would apply to a guy with a forgiving nature. Forgiveness and acceptance of what has occurred in the past is a part of sikhi, so if someone sincerely regrets their actions and has actually made steps to change for the better, then they should really be forgiven.

Of course, it also depends on how well you get along.

If someone continues to be a fool, then fair enough.

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Also sleeping around and having lustful thoughts are both bad, some people think that having fantasies are fine, but the world is created from thought, so having a lustful thought is also negative karma.

Which is why gurbani teaches us to control and kill our minds.


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Guest what we feel

It's too personal for someone else to make that decision for u. Personally I'd be upset if my future husband whoeber it may be was even in contact with a femal in whatever way. It depends what type of person you are. What's the point a girl trying to keep herself a virgim if the guy isnt one. Knowing that my partner, if I had one, had been in an intimate relationship with another girl would degrade him. Sorry but I know nobodies perfect but a virgin deserves a virgin guy. And a non virgin guy doesnt deserve a virgin and vice versa. If my husband was eyeing up women or commenting on looks and had women as fb friends etc id be just as upset as him sleeping with someone else. Its about feelings not body parts. Also its no big deal if if you aint amritdhari. And also another factor is if u actually love your partner. That has a huge impact because emotions are the strongest thing in humans. Again, theres no right or wrong answer its up to you individually but thats how I'd feel. Some people may be very open minded and able to forgive but someone like me would be very upset to even imagine my partner to have ever touched a girl or had feelings for another girl. We try hard to keep ourselves out of contact from singhs but whats the point if the husband is happy to marry a non virgin. Yes we are virgins because of sikhiand hehealth and so on but my point is that being a virgin helps impress the guy. Views have to match and then yeah some of us may possibly be okay with anything.

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