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I’ll have to ask the mrs., but I don’t think it'll be a problem.  :wub:

Na seriously, I haven’t been to one before. What’s the agenda of the conference? What are you gonna be discussing?

Thanks, sorry for sounding dum blush.gif


lol...um yea wts gna b discussed? blush.gif

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lol ya me going to be there also

What’s going to be discussed……

Namely political issues effecting Sikhs for example turban ban in France, hate crimes after 9/11 and now 07/07, R4G Campaign, Human rights world over – namely in Punjab, 1984 issues, what’s been happening – basically chance 4 Sikh Fed to tell sangat what they have been doing all year

Also mp’s from 3 main political parties will be invited to discuss issues

Also there will be Khalsa Human Rights stand whereby you can see pictures of torture/read stories etc and they will also be talking about the work they have done through the year

Basically an opportunity to discover what’s been going on and to have addressd any questions you may have

See this link for more info of people attending and pictures form last year


people will be attending from the whole of the UK, Europe and maybe also USA/Canada

forgot to mention - akhaand paath bogh will also take place - ardaas for all shaheed Singhs & Singhniaa

akhaand paath arambh - Friday 09/09/05 do try to pop in! :TH:

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