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How To Tie A Dumaala!

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hau gosweI dw pihlvwnVw ]

ho gosaaee dhaa pehiluvaanurraa

I am a wrestler; I belong to the Lord of the World.

mY gur imil auc dumwlVw ]

mai gur mil uch dhumaalurraa

I met with the Guru, and I have tied a tall, plumed turban.

sB hoeI iCMJ iekTIAw dXu bYTw vyKY Awip jIau ]17]

subh hoee shinjh eikutheeaa dhuy baithaa vaekhai aap jeeo

All have gathered to watch the wrestling match, and the Merciful Lord Himself is seated to behold it. ||17||

This topic is a reference guide for anyone to learn how to tie a dumaala, there are different styles on tying a dumaala, but what makes a dumaala is the fact that you have to wrap your kes and the dastar together. Below are some guides on how to tie a dumaala. Please only post links or if you have anything to add to this topic that someone can use in tying a dumaala.

Mata Bhag Kaur -Dumaala File

A dumaala tying on a bhuchangi.

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