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Darshan Singh Dhakki Walee

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here is beautiful katha by Babaji.....awesm......must listen dis one..... you can fine more on youtube

what happined to baba ji's website,i checked it out 3 days ago,now it cant be found.whats happing

He is definitely one of hidden bhramgyani/atamgyani mahapursh, baba ji held meditation simran camps which lasted for months, those who wanted to attend went through rigorous test (baba ji quizzed into

Please go to the following link. They show darshan singh in a different roop(with a mukat on).


CBI indicts Baba Darshan Singh Dhakki, 18 others in firing case

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 7

Residents of Maksudran village have heaved a sigh of relief after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) indicted self-styled Baba Darshan Singh of Dera Dhakki Sahib and 18 of his followers for opening fire and attacking them in 1999.

The CBI has submitted its report in a local court and the case will come up for hearing tomorrow. The case, FIR 61 registered on May 8, 1999, was entrusted to the premier investigation by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in January 17, 2002, with the observations that the dispute pertains to land but it appears to have acquired a religious and a political colour as there are complaints of sacrilege and involvement of politicians.

Talking to TNS, Mr Bhagwant Singh, a member of the village panchayat, said that had maintained all along that Darshan Singh, originally a resident of Gharuan village in Kharar tehsil, had usurped their land with the help of some villagers. He wanted to encroach on a large portion of land which was resisted by the villagers.

As the self-styled godman was politically well connected, he sought the help of his political masters and started terrorising them. Many were booked in false cases and those who stood up to him were warned of dire consequences, he added.

He said matters came to a head on the morning of May 8 when some villagers were bathing their buffaloes in the village pond. The Baba, carrying a double-barreled gun and a revolver, led a gang of over 25-30 persons and allegedly exhorted them to teach the villagers a lesson they will never forget. Darshan Singh fired from his gun and on this signal others too opened fire while those carrying swords and lathis pounced on the villagers, he revealed.

Those injured included Davinder Singh on whose complaint a case was filed at the Payal police station under Sections 307, 506, 323, 324, 325, 326, 148, 149 of the IPC and Section 25/27 of the Arms Act, he added.

The CBI found that there was enough evidence to proceed against Baba Darshan Singh besides Beant Singh, Chamkaur Singh, Gurdev Singh, Balbir Singh, Manjit Singh, Sher Singh, Lakhvir Singh, Gurmit Singh, Lakhvir Singh, Gurmukh Singh, Jaspal Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Lakhwinder Singh, Manjit Singh, Charanjit Singh, Nihal Singh, Balli and Dilbagh Singh.

Mr Bhagwant Singh has appealed to all villagers, who had been supporting the Baba, to join hands so that the latter could not entrench himself in this area. There was great need to expose such godmen in the larger interests of the society, he stressed.

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Another intersting new:


CBI chargesheets MLA’s kin in Dhakki Sahib row

Publish Date : 9/23/2004 9:21:00 AM Source : Onlypunjab.com Team

The much-awaited charge sheet by the CBI into the 5-year-old Dhakki Sahib controversy has indicted the sister and two nephews of the sitting MLA and former Punjab Cabinet Minister, Jagdish Singh Garcha for damaging the dera and forcibly evicting the dera head, Baba Darshan Singh from the dera.

The CBI has, however, reduced the number of accused to less than 60 from 91 persons listed earlier. Evidence was found against only 29 of the 91 persons listed in the case by the Punjab Police. About 30 more accused were found involved in the case by the CBI. The charge sheets notes that the Payal police reached the dera site after more than an hour after the incident.

According to a copy of the charge sheet filed in a local court by the CBI, Amar Kaur, former sarpanch of Maksudra village and sister of Mr Garcha had led the mob of over 100 persons in ransacking the dera on December 2, 1999. The attack on the dera had become a major politico-religious controversy. It was seen as the direct fallout of the parting of ways between SAD President and then Chief Minister, Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal and late Gurcharan Singh Tohra. Baba Darshan Singh head of the dera was close to Mr Tohra.

Amar Kaur has already been declared a proclaimed offender in the case by a local court. She allegedly managed to elude arrest during the SAD-BJP government in the state.

Investigation in the case was handed over to the CBI by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in 2002 at the instance of the International Human Rights Organisation and its Women's wing that had filed a petition on the basis of a Full Bench order of the Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC). The Commission had accepted the report of its then ADGP, A P Bhatnagar. The case was, however, referred to the CBI after much dilly-dallying.

Commenting on the charge sheet IHRO chairperson D.S. Gill, Secretary- General Mohinder Singh Grewal and Secretary{public relations) Ms Inderjit Kaur, Jatha Dhakki Sahib sewadars Bhai Gurdeep Singh and Bhai Zora Singh said, "The attack (on Dhakki Sahib) was well planned in a bid to chase away Baba Darshan Singh and his followers and to occupy the Dhakki Sahib's land at the instance of former minister Jagdish Singh Garcha and the local MLA, now late Sahdu Singh Ghudani ."

According to the CBI charge sheet, about 100-150 villagers armed with kirpans, lathis, kerosene,etc. attacked Dhakki Sahib under the leadership of Amar Kaur, sister of Jagdish Garcha, the then sarpanch of the village. The mob included two nephews of Garcha, Billu and jaggu and their supporters- Bhagwant Singh, allegedly a former militant and now an activist of the SAD (Mann), Chamkaur Singh, alias, Kaura, Amarjit Singh, alias, Kamal, Malkiat Singh and Kuldip Kaur.

"The mob was shouting, "mar do, jala do, bhaga do." They attacked sewadars and animals of the dera, set the structures/huts on fire and destroyed properties of the dera, including religious books, which were kept in a small library. Amar Kaur was armed with a kirpan in her hand and instigated the mob to drive the sewadars away within an hour, " says the charge sheet filed under Sections 436, 29, 447, 427, 429, 323, 324, 325, 148, 149and 506 of the IPC.

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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

does baba darshan singh have a new dera now,you really dont hear much about this baba.i never heard about him until this thread about him was started.i checked out his website.it seems that he did many good things.he has started schools,hospitals,a drug addication centre.sant ranjit singh dhadrianwale seems to have copied his style of dress.is baba darshan singh ji still around? does anyone know where he is?how to contact him?.he seems to be a true sant,who helps people and brings them into sikhi,and he preaches pure sikhi,from what i have seen on his website.he even has goray and kalay followers.has any of the sangat met this singh?

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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Love for Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Baba Ji would take many other children with him in the evening and they would sit before Sri Guru Granth Sahib and spend long hours in religious service with great devotion. He made several groups of 30 children each for religious service. Each group loved Baba Ji passionately and obeyed his commands. Sometimes young boys would also join these groups for religious service. Thus, Baba Ji organized volunteers who were always ready for religious service and sacrifice. It was due to his spiritual nature that he began to acquire the status of a holy man in his childhood. Even the children of his age began to realize that he would become a great saint in future. Interestingly, children would never disobey him, though they sometimes did not follow the commands of their own parents. There was a magnetic attraction in his personality and a divine impact in his instructions. They would surround him as moths would surround flowers. Baba Ji would make these children recite appropriate couplets from Gurbani and practically demonstrate the importance of meditation. He would tell them about the miraculous deeds of the Gurus and instill in them the reverence for Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Sikh traditions. Soon Baba Ji gave up the town and detached himself from the worldly activities, whereas most other persons of his age involved themselves in domestic affairs. Baba Ji rose above Maya – the illusion of worldly reality and identified himself in noble deeds which involved meeting with saints and spending long hours in meditation. Having the company of religious people is Satsang or holy congregation which should not be given up in any case. It is a source of divine peace during suffering or prosperity in life and it keeps a man devoted to the Lord forever.

Constant Recitation of Gurbani and Daily Prayers

Baba Ji always told his devotees that they should recite Gurbani and say daily prayers regularly. He would perform 100-125 recitations of Japuji Sahib. He would recite Sukhmani Sahib five times daily. Sometimes he would recite Sukhmani Sahib all along during the day and night. Sometimes, he would go to sleep while reciting Sukhmani Sahib and complete the recitation when he would wake up. He would recite Gurbani even in his dreams. While reciting Gurbani, he would be in a trance of spiritual feeling. He would perform recitation of Japuji Sahib, Chopai Sahib and Sukhmani Sahib many times. In many cases, even the baptised Sikhs do not recite the five banies regularly. We can understand the importance of recitation of Gurbani only from the great men like Baba Ji. It involves a great effort and spiritual temperament.

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Sat Shri Akal,

I recently visited Dhakki Sahib. After a long stuggle institue have survied under the guidence of Sant Ji. But they are still stuggling to meet the needs. The organisation is still figiting in court to have their rights restored and all the fake cases to be droped.

you can vist there FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/DhakkiSahib. They dont give out their Deewans Audio online ( as Sant Ranjit Singh uses them in his preachings but never did anything for the organisation to help them ) but you may be able to get by hand while visiting there. or just inbox the admin of their facebook page, may be they could provide you with some.

because of high costs of courts they are barely making their ends meet.

Sant Ji has vision for Sikh Kaum, what happend there set back the sikh community.

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He is definitely one of hidden bhramgyani/atamgyani mahapursh, baba ji held meditation simran camps which lasted for months, those who wanted to attend went through rigorous test (baba ji quizzed into fornes-thoughts, bairaag, internal bibek, nitneem and rehat) ..students had to go test and filtering process to filter and accept only serious bhagti students.

Camps are usually held in outside tapoban and bushes last time i checked. Read the above post questions and answers..most recommended for serious bhagti seekers.

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He is definitely one of hidden bhramgyani/atamgyani mahapursh, baba ji held meditation simran camps which lasted for months, those who wanted to attend went through rigorous test (baba ji quizzed into fornes-thoughts, bairaag, internal bibek, nitneem and rehat) ..students had to go test and filtering process to filter and accept only serious bhagti students.

Camps are usually held in outside tapoban and bushes last time i checked. Read the above post questions and answers..most recommended for serious bhagti seekers.

did he talk about Sikh Kaum in the future or keeps it gupt like some mahapurakhs? Very interested to have a discussion with him when I plan to go to India next summer.

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    • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9831797/Bradford-child-abuse-report-reveals-victim-raped-forced-Islamic-marriage.html?ito=amp_twitter_share-top Social worker 'attended wedding of terrified girl, 15, to her abuser': Carers turned a blind eye when teenage grooming victim was forced into Islamic marriage, damning report reveals Independent review on child sexual exploitation was published on Tuesday The review was commissioned in the wake of the sentencing of nine men in 2019 It found social workers in Bradford had turned a blind eye to grooming victim  By JAMES TOZER FOR DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 19:47, 27 July 2021 | UPDATED: 01:39, 28 July 2021                       e-mail     8kshares 1.2k View comments   Social workers in Bradford turned a blind eye when a 15-year-old grooming victim took part in an Islamic marriage to one of her abusers, a damning report revealed yesterday. Despite the teenager not coming from a Muslim background, professionals meant to protect her then allowed the parents of her 'husband' to foster her after she became pregnant, it revealed. One of her social workers allegedly even attended the wedding ceremony. The terrified girl – referred to as 'Anna' – was left in a state of 'domestic slavery', too scared to leave the controlling relationship for fear she would be the victim of an honour killing, she told the report's authors. Details emerged yesterday in an independent report into the treatment of five abuse victims in the West Yorkshire city over the past two decades, which found that 'children suffered abuse no child should have to experience'.  Alarmingly, it concluded that some youngsters in Bradford 'remain unprotected' from sex exploitation.   +2   Social workers in Bradford turned a blind eye when a 15-year-old grooming victim took part in an Islamic marriage to one of her abusers, the damning report revealed yesterday (stock image) The report – described by the body which commissioned it as making 'difficult and, at times, distressing reading' – began two years ago after nine men of Pakistani heritage were jailed for more than 57 years over the sexual exploitation of girls who had been in Bradford Council's care. Anna was placed in residential care as a teenager in 2002 but went missing more than 70 times, according to the report. She disclosed details of sexual abuse – including rapes – to a confidential support service for girls involved in prostitution, but nothing was passed on to police or social workers. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Lumberjack, 24, doing his 'dream job' was crushed to death...Britain's biggest travel insurance provider stops offering... SHARE THIS ARTICLE Share The following year, aged 15, she told the project worker she had converted to Islam and married her older Asian 'boyfriend' in a Sharia law ceremony. The report said it appeared there had been 'collusion' with this by her social worker 'who allegedly attended the ceremony and assessed that her marriage was likely to reduce the risks incurred when Anna was missing'. Staggeringly, despite becoming pregnant, after a review Anna was formally placed with her abuser's parents as a foster child, with the family even paid a fostering allowance.   +2   The report began two years ago after nine men were jailed for more than 57 years over the sexual exploitation of girls who had been in Bradford Council's care. Pictured: Basharat Khaliq, Saeed Akhtar, Naveed Akhtar, Parvaze Ahmed, Zeeshan Ali, Fahim Iqbal, Izar Hussain, Mohammed Usman and Kieran Harris who were all jailed at Bradford Crown Court in 2019 Anna told the report's author: 'At 14 years old I was engaged to be married, taking on the role of an Islamic wife fulfilling the needs of my husband and the extended family somewhat like a maid. 'We had no similarities in race, religion or culture and I continued to be subject to domestic violence and was subject to a coercive, controlling sexual relationship with a known perpetrator. I was frightened to leave, in fear of an honour-based killing.' The report concluded: 'It is hard to understand how this decision can have been made and it resulted in Anna being entirely reliant on her abuser and his family.' Instead of protecting her from harm, the placement left her 'at greater risk and made her entirely dependent on them', it added. While there, she was subjected to 'domestic slavery' and 'sexually abused and exploited by dozens of adult males', it went on. The Bradford Partnership – which includes Bradford Council children's services and Bradford Police – has since apologised to young abuse victims who had been failed. It said a large number of defendants have been found guilty and given substantial prison sentences. The joint statement said: 'We believe that practice across all agencies is improving... but there is much more to do.'  
    • I don't think narcissism is on their increase per se  I think that narcissism was always there in people and all that has happened is the narcissism is now out in the open. It has been amplified.  Similar to how people who become rich become arrogant and obnoxious. Money did not change them, it just exposed them to show they really are.  We had social controls in society that shunned narcissist aspects so that it got buried. With social controls now being untangled it is no longer taboo and with social media (instagram and tiktok ) it has upscaled attention seeking and the narcissism. But with a overload of narcissism and attention seeking in society, I think what could happen is: 1. We could see narcissist insensitivity in that we will see people less bothered with the attention seeking 2. A backlash and swing in the pendulum 
    • there has been vaaran /caste since early days of manusmitri and every Brahmin has used it to make themselves useful to invaders as they sold their skills as master manipulators of society else how could handfuls of people control multi millions ?They did it during the islamic invaders reign and then switched when the angrez/portuguese arrived . Guru Sahiban removed the leprosy of vaaran from our consciouness but with the interference of Angrez and their flying monkeys the brahmins they inserted dubious texts into our literature which allowed the poisonous mentality back
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