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Snatanis Got Proper Reply

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you are right, i shouldn't have used that word...let me edit my post... i have a habit of getting carried away..my whole life expereinces is being dealing with people like miltant singh (wanna be kharkho's.)

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In the article I’ve argued not that blue is “an acceptable colour”, I’ve argued it is more than just acceptable, it was the special Khalsa colour.

My comment on the Singh from Poonch, according to Amardeep Singh “should in fact indicate that the Khalsa’s primary colour is Green, not blue – why does Balpreet Singh suddenly forget this new found fact? “

Unless one has serious intellectual impairment, I think it was clear that I have argued that for Muslims in the Kashmir area, neela means green. This is not the case for Sikh writers.

“Bhai Sukha Singh, it appears is someone that Balpreet Singh is not too familiar with. Bhai Sukha Singh, if we deviate for a moment, was the Granthi at Sri Keshgarh Sahib and also a valiant warrior who also participated in battle”

A cursory look at any article on Sukha Singh will tell you that he was the author of a number of spurious works he tried to pass off as the writings of Guru Gobind Singh. He is not exactly a respectable figure in Sikh literature. The fact you see it fit to valorise him says a lot for your ideology.

Amardeep Singh finishes off,

“Bhai Balpreet Singh Jee is entitled to his belief that Blue received special preference, however he has shown no primary evidence to support this case, so as such it remains an opinion, to which of course we are all entitled. “

Nice. First Amardeep Singh said I was trying to show that blue was “acceptable” now he himself admits I was trying to show it was special. Whether I made a convincing case or not is of course up to individual readers, but I feel there is little doubt it was.

I find "critiques" like this somewhat funny because they try to pass off a more or less empty argument as intelligent commentary. My point was clear but perhaps the reader's processing was a bit muddled?

At any rate, it's a good try at a rebuttal, but I don't think it was all that successful.

My point was that blue is the special Khalsa colour. I think any reader can see the evidence supports this assertion.

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I just finished reading Amardeep Singh's reply to Balpreet Singh Jee. He seems very disrespectful towards Balpreet Singh for no apparent reason because reading Bhai Balpreet Singh Jee's post he seemed respectful to Amrit Bhaji. I'm a little surprised that Bhai Amrit has posted such a post on his website. Amardeep Singh just seems to have a little sophisticated english rather than any real scholarly critique to Bhai Balpreet Singhs post.

Perhaps Bhai Amardeep Singh Jee should do a little more research on puraatan sources rather than writing sarcastically witty comments which seem to indicate his impolite behavior as a debater, neither do I see him refuting Bhai Balpreet Singh with puraatan sources. My suggestion to Amardeep Singh is to debate using real primary sources, rather than his personal ideology. Arguments based on ideology can only take you so far.

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I'm a little surprised that Bhai Amrit has posted such a post on his website.

Are you not surprised that Bhai Amrit Ji has posted posts which are full of insult towards himself? Read posts by Malwe da sher: http://www.amritworld.com/your_comments.html

These posts say:

Why should people wait for your study? your study is biased and based on your own use of facts, interpratations and personal beliefs. for one who has spent time with nihang singhs there is no need to consult biased studies.

Just because you are an academic who can debate you are not a lion. thats the most bull i have ever heard, calling some1 a giddar becoz they debate at street level rather than academic. Aimay avday aap no sher banonda firda.

lol u call urself an academic? u claim to be a scholar? what shitty analysis. you take one persons opinion and apply that to a wider community. That highlights how biased u are in ur generalisation. one of the principle rule of social science : dont over generalise.

Yet our great elite scholar 'amrit' takes the writings of one person (who he knows NOTHING about) and attempts to apply it to everyone. How do u know CA associates with nihangs? he could be blagging. To make such a comment is shameful and absolutely pathetic. doesnt say much for ur academic abilities.

I have briefly had a look at some of the stuff on your website, while I was very impressed with your research; I only read a few of the articles briefly so don’t assume I will look at your study. I feel discussing maters with people who preserve the maryada is a better way of learning than consulting academics work. Your generalisation comment portrayed perfectly how irrationally some academics can think.

If Bha ji can add insulting remarks against himself, what is there surprising if he has added intelligent post by Amardeep Singh?

Sardar Balpreet Singh blamed Bhai Sukha Singh Ji falsely. If Bhai Amardeep Singh has replied proving Balpreet Singh wrong, how does it become sarcasism or disrespectful? In fact Sardar Balpreet Singh was disresprectful towards Bhai Sukha Singh. Don't you think Sardar Balpreet Singh should apologise to the Sangat?

Bhai Amrit has added insulting comments. It shows that he is bighearted. Malwe da sher made these comments on sikhawareness forum. Bhai Amrit is moderator there. He did not delete this comments there, though he could. He has the right to delete such comments as a moderator. But he did not.

Well, no other moderator on sikhawareness cared to delete those insulting comments.

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