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Pandit Mangal Singh Ji

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i wanted to ask sangat, how can you be a pandit, and a singh at the same time?

i remember maskeen ji di kathas, he would say "pandit kartar singh wrothe this" and would quote.

i always thought pandits are hindus and singhs are singhs.

how can you be a pandit and a singh at the same time?

gustaphi maaf



As Bhai Balwincer Singh Ji nicely summed up, a pandit is essentially a scholar, a learned one. Unfortunately, over time and due to less than admirable actions of some people who took advantage of this title of 'pandit' and used it to exploit others the term pandit has come to be associated with negative connotations. Particularly when one sees any Indian film, a pandit will always be depicted as some mystical man dressed in orange rags, carring a notebook with magical mantars sayin ram ram with his lips, but whose hidden agenda is to cheat the common rural folk out of their money.

However the orgin of the term pandit, and for that matter even brahmin, has no relation to hinduism or any other religion. Both refer to a state of mind, not religious denomination. Even during the times of the GUrus, the term pandit was used to denote someone who had attained high academic, intellectual abilities. But even then, rather than scrutinizin each so called pandit based on his thoughts and actions, people became attached solely to the title pandit and from this the matter further degraded as others realized it wud be easy to exploit the masses simply by pretending to be a 'pandit.

The Guru though, is not against pandits (or brahmins) so long as they are TRUE pandits (and brahmins). That is why the Guru actually praises the term pandit in Sri Guru Granth Sahib:

so pMifqu jo mnu prboDY ]

He is a true Pandit, a religious scholar, who instructs his own mind

rwm nwmu Awqm mih soDY ]

He searches for the Lord's Name within his own soul.

Thus as Balwinder Singh ji rightfully said, any person can become a Pandit, including Sikhs. A pandit is one who is a learner, one who acquires knowledge, one who tries to learn the ways to control ones mind. And this was the original purpose of education and why even in schools in Punjab, schools with Sikh majority, not very long ago Pandit was an academic degree, a level of high disticintion given to those students who reached this level. And this is the case we often hear the name of Pandit Kartar Singh Dhakha. He wsnt a pandit in the sense we see today in movies, he was a scholar.

And the Guru says, when one engages in the school of Gurmat, and upon graduation from this school attains his degree, he too is an actual pandit.

rwm nwm swru rsu pIvY ]

He drinks in the Exquisite Nectar of the Lord's Name

ausu pMifq kY aupdyis jgu jIvY ]

By that Pandit's teachings, the world lives.

hir kI kQw ihrdY bswvY ]

He implants the Sermon of the Lord in his heart.

so pMifqu iPir join n AwvY ]

Such a Pandit is not cast into the womb of reincarnation again.

byd purwn isimRiq bUJY mUl ]

He understands the fundamental essence of the Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees.

sUKm mih jwnY AsQUlu ]

In the unmanifest, he sees the manifest world to exist.

chu vrnw kau dy aupdysu ]

He gives instruction to people of all castes and social classes.

nwnk ausu pMifq kau sdw Adysu ]4]

O Nanak, to such a Pandit, I bow in salutation forever.

Only such a person is a true pandit.

Now in Sikhi there is another unique aspect to this concept of pandit. Since pandit is a degree one attains, it means one who embarks upon thig endevaour is a student. And for every student there is a teacher, for without a teacher the term student would not exist. And this is where the term Pandha, pwDW comes in. For a Sikh, his or her pandha is the Guru, cuz pandha is one who teaches, one who imparts knowledge, one who guides.

myry rwm hm bwirk hir pRB ky hY ieAwxy ]

O my Lord, we are just the ignorant children of our Lord God

DMnu DMnu gurU guru siqguru pwDw ijin hir aupdysu dy kIey isAwxy ]1] rhwau ]

Hail, hail, to the Guru, the Guru, the True Guru, the Divine Teacher who has made me wise through the Lord's Teachings.

The Guru is the pandha, and one who learns from the guru, who contemplates on and understands his teachings, he or she is a pandit, a learned one. One who is able to comprehend and incorporate the teachings of Gurbani, has attained the most valuable degree in life, and thus is a true pandit.

Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion about who and what a pandit is.

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One another very nice post by Kharko4life veer ji. Thanks for clearing the meaning of pandit with strong references from Gurbani.

But does anybdy know abt pandit mangal singh ji.

His kathas are full with knowledge and devotion for guru granth sahib ji.

I am just asking cuz I never heard of him.


Waheguru ji ka khalsa,

Waheguru ji ki fateh.

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