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Ryu Hayabusa

I hate this guy:

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Also Ronal Reagan wanted to impose christianity education in all schools so if somebody insulted him and went against him

he must be a man of guts.

Osho insulted him because he called regan a fool for asking people for votes.

2.The statement "God cannot be found in books." is not very insulting veere.

Just see in the Guru Grath Sahib itself and it is mentioned so many placed that God can not be found in books or even any education.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not a book. Gurbani is a living Guru. By calling our Guru “a book” he showed his ignorance just like Ravinder Naath Taigore.

3.Also the statement "One time he showed up in Darbar Sahib and refused to cover his head " is a significant statement.

If God is everywhere why should not we cover head everywhere.

When Pehli patshahi went to Makka he put his feet towards Macca and it was not a insult to Macca but a reminder to

people who were engaed in rituals that dont get obsessed with places.Rise above.

so that is how i feel veere,if you disagree please let me know

This has been answered already by other Sikhs. Covering head is a sign of respect and does not imply that God is in only one direction. Besides, an atheist person like osho can NEVER be compared to Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

5."He believed that the only way to control mind is to do everything it wants"

In our village a BabaJi used to tell a story that a man went to a real Guru and asked for Naam.

Guru gave him a mantra and blessed him and asked to go and read the mantra.

But the new disciple insisted that he should be given a 'rehatnaama' or not-to-do things.

Guru said to him that He does not give these type of things but disciple insisted that he wanted to know what he should not do.

When he continued to insist Guru asked him not to think about monkey while doing simran so new disciple got happy and went to home.

After few days disciple came back crying and said that he can not get rid of monkey and all the time when he does simran/Monkey does not leave him.

So Guru told him piarea,More we forbid a thing more it haunts us so best thing to avoid a thing is to ignore it.

Rehatnamas are our guidelines. Without any rules and regulations nothing would work. No matter what class or university you enroll in you are to obey the rules and policies. The story he shared cannot be of a Sikh. Guru Ji taught us not to ignore bad things but to fight bad things. I can list many things that will never be ignored by an ordinary person let alone a Sikh.

So in our society we keep on repressing our children and teaching them anti-sex and i have seen the even old men in buses do all type of naughty things.

I think becuase we have forbidden sex,so it reached to our head and spoiled our psychological system.

So the best thing to do is not to educate our kids about HIV and AIDS otherwise they might get exposed to it?

6."Guru Ji believed in controlling the five thieves by doing Naam Jap because mind never gets tired"

Veere i am trying hard to control kaam,but i could not do until now and i am doing full nitname evryday and when i look at women,i always keep on looking

at only certain parts of woman body and i could not control up now and i am still thinking about money and being in Canada and

America i think about money even more

Please tell me what shoud i DO? I feel if i could have seen some girl firiends when i was in 20s may be i could have got tired

and because i never got oppurtunities enough,i can only dream now and it is so difficult to get rid of dreams because they come only when you are absent.

You tell me Bijla Veere, what should i do??

By engaging in sexual activities you will only destroy yourself. Your mind will never get tired of it. Naam Simran is the only cure for this. There are numerous ways which have been posted before by others. Do a search on it. If we follow osho’s way of letting the mind do whatever it wants then there will be no need for courts and judicial system. Criminal minds like Hitler would want to kill more jews, rapists will rape more and people like indira would want to annihilate other minorities but never get tired of it.

Also you referred "Read Bhai Jang Singh Gyani's work on Osho"

Veere i read so many books from scholars before and i know have decided not to even

read any book from anybody who has name 'Giani','Dr.','professor' wth their names

I hate these egoistic and pakhandi people.sorry!

Do those scholars not have PhDs? Are they not professors? You may not want to read it but at least let go off osho type attitude and stop being so judgmental. At least understand the person first before passing on a judgement. This is what osho used to do. Not everyone with “gyani” or “professor” title is an egomaniac. In fact it was osho who had so much hankaar of his “knowledge”.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Post Edited - You may wish to follow whoever you want but this is a Sikh forum. All discussions/topics/posts against the principles of Sikhi are not allowed. Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Jot of Ten Gurus) is the last living Guru of Sikhs forever.

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Post Edited - You may wish to follow whoever you want but this is a Sikh forum. All discussions/topics/posts against the principles of Sikhi are not allowed. Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Jot of Ten Gurus) is the last living Guru of Sikhs forever.


Dont u think that we are being baised here and goin completely against the gurmat by not letting ppl say what they want to say and say it with 'sincereness' "Sabho Ko meet hum Aapan keena" and 'Na Koi baeri nahi begana and so on and so forth...

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Dont u think that we are being baised here and goin completely against the gurmat by not letting ppl say what they want to say

Freedom of speech is always limited. He has no right to write anything against the principles of Sikhi and Sikh Gurus. He called osho the "11th guru". Since this is a Sikh forum such comments are not allowed. Discuss Gurmat not manmat.

Sabho Ko meet hum Aapan keena" and 'Na Koi baeri nahi begana and so on and so forth...

No one called him an enemy so don't twist anything around. on Sikh forum anti-Sikhi posts are not allowed.

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**Just to let you know I made the post without thinking much over 2 years ago and in those days I was running with the freindly neighborhood gang who focused on negative things like RSS and other conspiracy theories :lol:

I have no comment on Osho, I haven't read his work much besides his book on LSD and I don't agree with his views on that subject.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru JI Ki Fateh!

Usho was an <banned word filter activated>. He was no Khalsa and had no Gurmat Gian. Only perverts will follow him. He supported kaamic activities without any restrictions. He was a kaami pursh acting like a spiritual person. Only kaami pursh like to follow him. Those who claimt o be uso chelas and Sikhs. Choose one. Usho or Khalsa. He was no where near a great person. He migt have tried to be but he wasn't. He had too many big flaws. Stick to Guru Maharaaj. If you are a gdaar, then go join him. We have enough gdaars, adding acouple more won't matter that much. How can people suport him when he challenged the Guru Granth and Guru Panth. As for covering hair, it is showing respect for Guru Maharaaj Ji. Keeping kesh and covering hair is a must for a Sikh. No way out. Peace to all, Gurmat Gian to all, and chardi kala to all.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru JI Ki Fateh!

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^^ thats so wrong  no.gif


I know that is little mean but I am trying to get the Usho follwers to realize that Gurmat Gian is more important and that Usho had flaws. Day by day we are getting different cults in the Panth, won't he long before these usho followers make thier own sect called uhsowaadis and use Gurbani for themselves and usho like radhaswamis and others do. It is better to try to repair the roof before it falls.

If someone was offended, my apologies. But it is very very hurtful when some people say he was 11th Guru or was as great as Guru Maharaaj.

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    • Honestly, I don't know. I will look into the matter and see if some answers comes up. Bear in mind I was talking about regular Sikhs. Not the Gurus themselves. Even if there was a fire, it wouldn't have been Vedic in any sense. Well the difference is in what is meant and being suggested. To them "fire" means the whole Vedic shebang and a return to it. One can equally call out practises from Vedic times which are now obsolete and say "lets return to them!" right back to these groups. It's not hard to concieve in reality that certain things remained similar but the intention of disucssing the matter is important. In the case of weddings, there is very little information. Guru Sahib rejected the janeu for example, to which there is a Sakhi and Bani attached. But it is not until Guru Ramdas Ji that Sikhs get their own ceremony, and again I will repeat I was deducing with regards to the use of fire. Lots of ambiguity. Maybe the couple did just stay sitting or standing whilst Laavan were read by Sangat, maybe not. As for Sikhs such as my great-grandparents, that was just a matter of circumstance. One cannot use that argument to promote a return to Vedic style weddings.   Yes I'm aware that within Hindu weddings it is indeed Agni Devta. But we are talking about Namdharis, and from what I have seen, there is no invocation from Rig Ved - that's what I'm saying, we assume that the fire present in a Kooka wedding is considered as Agni Devta when in actual fact to me, it seems as though it's....just a fire. Which really has no particular meaning per se; just a continuation of one aspect of the ceremony. They read Suhi Mahalla 4. A fire is only Agni "Devta" if one believes and invokes.  
    • the fed is lying to all of us https://www.peakprosperity.com/the-fed-is-lying-to-us/
    • I have a english pdf of Rig veda , the oldest scripture of Hinduism, the oldest of the 4 vedas ,  and perhaps the most revered .  It starts with a hymn praising Agni and asks it to reside over the 'straw and fodder' of the havan. HYMN I. Agni. 1 I Laud Agni, the chosen Priest, God, minister of sacrifice,
      The hotar, lavishest of wealth.
      2 Worthy is Agni to be praised by living as by ancient seers.
      He shall bring hitherward the Gods. Looking at the index of the scripture , I am surprised , Agni is like everywhere in it almost. So , yes the marriage rites are basically asking Agni devta . "Agni devta" is the main witness of hindu marriage .    EDIT ---- A hymn in another mandal says  HYMN LIX. Agni. 1 THE other fires are, verily, thy branches; the Immortals all rejoice in thee, O Agni So , I think Agni may not be the "fire" as in flames, but rather the heat energy pervading the universe, be it in form of fire energy, metabolic heat in body, nuclear heat inside sun, power plants, etc or the latent fuel inside wood , etc. It basically refers to the "heat" form of god . I could be wrong though. and I don't think I have enough time to go through the vast expanse of the text . 
    • So during marriages of 4th guru onwards , they married by fire ? and that includes Guru Gobind singhji as well ?  I am genuinely curious because of the many claims made by RSS about "reminding sikhs of their past" , this is also one that one commonly encounters, that ancient sikhs and gurus married by fire and that it wasn't until those evil pesky britishers who drove a wedge between hindus and sikhs and voila Anand karajs started  Whats the meaning of 'laav ' ? perhaps it could mean something altogether then ?  Anyways , regardless , I would reckon Hinduism have had far, far more changes to it considering its almost 10 times older than sikhism is (500 vs 5000 !) . Hinduism is so old infact, that rig vedic deities like Indra, Asvins , Maruts,  etc are not even heard of today , let alone worshipped  Sikhi is more pristine in comparison in the turmoils of time. 
    • Just use this:

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