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    • Punjab's political leadership is low-iq. I don't like throwing around labels such as these, as if I'm some leading light or anything like that, but they are crusty old men who are nothing more than puppets of the Indian government (Congress or BJP, it doesn't matter), who've been promised their provincial seats of power in exchange for unquestioning obedience to the ruling power in Delhi. For that guaranteed support the likes of Badal and his fake opponents, are prepared to betray their people and their state in order to claw onto their political power. They are nothing more than parasites and traitors.  But the people bear a huge responsibility for this problem. The people are all over the shop. When one looks at that society, one can't help but be reminded of the saying, "The people receive the leadership they deserve."
    • Yes my mum's pind is also Jindowal. Guru Hargobind stayed there for quite a while, hence the nice Gurdwara there. You're right there's not much to do in that area apart from the Bhagat Singh museum. They have made that area look nice with the fountains. As for it being a Congress area I'm not surprised there are lots of people there who are half way between being Sikhs and Hindus, I'm guessing that they are RaviDas followers. I feel that orthodox Sikh practices are more prevalent outside of Punjab/India. 
    • I'll tell you what we shouldn't succumb to: the other extreme of the madrassa-style, un-thinking, oppressive drilling of beliefs into young minds without vichaar and discourse. Short-term it arguably bolsters the impression that a religion or a group is thriving due to the obstinate and passionate manner of its adherents, but long-term, as we're seeing with Islamic apostacy movements in the West AND its traditional strongholds in the Middle East (where the internet has allowed previously isolated people to voice their experiences even under the guise of anonymity), such methods are sowing the seeds for future dissent and damage to the religion. What I find disappointing in the emerging Sikh generations in the West who are culturally Punjabi but don't really have any serious working knowledge of the religion (or in some cases are labouring under misconceptions), is that there's an alarming lack of humility when approaching Sikhi. Of course, respect can come after some form of understanding has developed. I think what they're doing is transposing general Western attitudes to the Abrahamic faiths -- that sneering, hostile attitude towards the idea of religion as something that's outmoded and antiquated -- and adopting that same manner with Sikhi, which to my mind is wrong, because there's no historical or social precedent set by practitioners of the Sikh faith (unlike the undoubted atrocities committed in the name of the Abrahamic religions throughout history) which warrants that kind of behaviour. I don't know, maybe there are reasons that I'm overlooking or haven't experienced which would otherwise inform my opinion on this matter. We could go into psychological or sociological issues pertaining to the Punjabi-Sikh temperament, and how that may -- when exposed to certain circumstances or variables -- manifest in a manner that does us no favours. Is that behaviour or mentality hardwired? Could it be altered? Again, I don't know.
    • ooh ok   my puas pind is jindowal  iv been banga a few times but family mostly go shopping nawanshahr. iv been punjab 9 times, yh iv been bhagat singhs house couple of times as well lol  there really isn't much else to do around there lol i havnt been punjab in 2 years  but i think they were planning to make the museum bigger. i think there building a fly over at banga as well? no i havent been chand ji gurdwara, Iv been gurdwara manji sahib though theres a little shop nxt door and they sell sarbloh stuff  iv been a few hindu places like surj khund, raja sahib da mazara etc    but thats about it   
    • The most India and China ever do is literally shoving matches on the border, not even gunfire. There is simply too much for them to lose. The Pakistanis on the other hand have nothing to lose because their country is a mess.
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