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Bhai Jinda Singh Ji - Was His Kesh Cut Off?


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As far as I know Bhai Jinda and Bhai Sukha got their hari cut to kill the criminal vaidya. Cynthia Mahmood also mentions this in her book


Both Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha were monay when the killed lalit makan and arjun dass but where Keshdhdari when the killed vaidya

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I had the great fortune of meeting Bhai Saahib Jee's mother on a few occasions and have also stayed with them in India.

I've been learning a lot about their life stories...

Both Bhai Saahib's did not used to have their kesh... this is because at the time they had started planning the demise of Vedhiya they were working in Bombay and other such places and needed to keep the roop of Hindu's. This they managed very well.. at some times even, they carried a picture of Indira with them and when they would set up camp in various towns in India, they would put a mala around her picture etc. This worked wonders for them, as no one ever suspected. This allowed these amazing soormei to continue their task.

Once in jail, they apologised to Maharaaj and vowed that now, with Guru kirpaa they had completed their task, they would keep Sikhi saroop. And what a roop these two amazing souls had.

Bhai Saahib jee spent their years in prision practising Sikhi, as an Amritdhari Gursikh would.

At the time Baba Thakur Singh Jee sent their cholai for them, they also asked for an Amrit Sanchaar to take place. This could not happen, and Baba Jee told them, "now you'll be taking Amirt from Dasam Pitaa, don't worry, they will bless you with this gift of immortality themselves".

If anyone meets Bhai Saahib jee's family, they will see the inspiration these amazing souls have.

Parnaam Shaheeda Noo.

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