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Raj karega khalsa "baki rahe na koi"

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Plz don't go against me for the heading of this post

Actually somebody signed the SikhMap at my site click here to see it Click on the list option and it's the 1st entry

In comments he said " Raj Kare Ga Khalsa Baki Rahe Na Koi

I think it's wrong. I think it's aaki or like that(correct me if i'm wrong)

Surely Sikhi doesn't say"Baki rahe na koi"

I think many of us still don't know what we speak. look how wrong impression it goes to everybody when we say this everyday in Gurdwara and people misunderstand it

Now what should i do................

1)should i leave it as such

2) correct it with right word which I think is aaki but certainly not baki

3) mail that person telling him the right thing

The prom is that even i fully don't know what's meaning of aaki. I think it's like Dukhi

Your Comments Sangat jee????

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This is waht i've been told what that mean.

Khalsa is the roop of the Guru. Guru is no other than Waheguru himself.

Khalsa is the roop of Waheguru.

Raaj karay ga Khalsa
Meaning Khalsa (Waheguru) will be the king (of your heart or life).
Aaki Rahay no koe.

Aaki is the Vices or worthless thoughts..there will be no vices when Waheguru (khalsa) will be doing raaj in your heart.

Im sure some people will disagree, but that is the translation that i've understood of that line.


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vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw!

vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!!

in my humble opinion i think Singh 5 is right..

raaj karaegaa khaalsaa aakee rahae naa ko-ae

khoaar ho-ae sabh milaingae bachay sharan jo ho-ae

the khalsa shall reign, and nobody will remain opposed to them.

after wandering place to place (for spiritual guidance) everybody will unite, and those who fall under the protection of the One God will be saved

bhul chuk maaf karnaa jee

vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw!

vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!!

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