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Emabarasing Moments !

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man urs are painful. Anyway heres one that happend not too long ago. I was at gatka, doin press ups, and i did a padh, and everyone around knew it was me, lol

lol above post is funny im been to tlaking to that person for a long time still dont know if its a girl or a guy lol ahah

well ok anembarassing moment for me happened today the teacher asked me a question and I totally didnt know it like I blanked out !! next thing u know hes like hopefully she telling me telopathically with her turban

thats when I realiz he was talking ot me not the girl behind me :( *sighs* lol

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here's one that everyone dreads...

it was new years eve and darbar sahib is PACKED out. I took ages getting ready for gurdwara that day, BIG dumalla, and new shastar in it i got from india.

anyways, so im sitting there, then its time for ardas, we all stand up and im feeling really inspired, and when the granthis like " bolo ji.." im like "VAHEGUROO!!!!

At the end of ardas, i go to matha tekh, and i forgot how crammed we are, and as i raise my head, i forgot i had a teer head in my damalla, and i rise my head really swiftly...right into this poor old guys rear end!

VAHEGUROO!! poor guy lets out a little squeak/squeal and everyone turned around to see me headbutting and impaling this dudes bottom!!

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reding my above respone im also hoping ur a girl!!


aww i love her posts too....she sounds just like lowest of the lowest singnhi.....also bir ras thts hilarious. I feel sorry for the person infront of u tho.

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bir ras - m actually lol readin ur post

ok heres 1 from ageessss ago .. this was in india at 1 of the local weekly programs ... not alot of sangat but still all the locals were there .. but anyways ... the gurdwara gyani ji who was pretty old at that time walked in with his 'naara' hanging out of the pjama .. which most of us kids noticed but we tried to not laugh too loud as we were all sat on the stage ...

when the ardas started .... this random little kid .. who could barely walk at the time .. scrawled to the gyanni ji in front .

the poor gyani ji had his eyes closed and he was doing ardas ... i dunno where was the kids mum.. The kid randomly decided to go for gyaani jis 'naara' ... LOL he pulled it .. and off goes the pjama ...

we were all looking at each other thinking that did not just happen ... gyanni jee was lyk all embarrased and thinking wth just happened then :S

i still feel bad for the ppoor gyannii jee ..lol

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dude I was embarrassed hundreds of times!! there was this time when I went to a wedding and I had to go give money to the bride and groom next thing you know My cousin is picking up my kurta and looking at sumthing!!! I look around everybodies laughing! <_< :@

Gurufateh g

lol we had a neighbor in india an anti ji who was obsessed with bahr de lok

since we were born in america she would ask us alot of questions about here

anyways we went once in 2005 once in 07 n once last aug 08

in aug the next morning after the nite we got there she told us in the morning that she was so happy we came n she was watching us from her balcony she can see through the window //////////////// that was scary

a few days later she lifted my shirt to see my brassire which was so embarrising my sis was their too

she sed she wanted to see a bahr de brassire n it was pretty ooooooooooo waheguru

a few days later her daughter is home n she is having a party at her house

there is a room where all the ladys are and a few little kids including little boys r there

so my sister the shattan bache she is lol was with me we had just gotten home

n our neighbor came to get us

i was in a night shirt up to my knees i wanted to change but their was no time

n my sister starts telling anti ji what a beautiful underwear i am wearing

waheguru we all know what happened next

i felt like killing my sis

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this happened yesterday, i was desperately trying to put money in the machine to get the train ticket, but it wont accept the note...tried it for a good 2 minutes and held up the line... then this old aunty comes from the back and tells me "son you need to select where you wan to go first then it will accept the money"...smh she was right :D _oh_OLD: :homer

and this is not embarrassing but dumb as hell...just before the train ticket thing, im walking to the station and for some dumb reason i thought it will be a good idea to look at the bloody birds in the sky instead of where im going...next thing i know im walking on the main road... lol dont know how it happened...lucky there was no traffic but i swear i need walking lessons man :lol:

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