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Being Harrassed By A Giani

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first of all...

Bhainji... You CANT Be scared of going to the Gurudwara... if he has evil intentions, GET YOUR KIRPAN AND CUT HIM OUT! such pakhandees dare not enter and pretend to do seva.

I was one followed from the Gurudwara by a covered face of a guy dressed in Salvaar kameez. pretty funny but a warning call... I learnt to wear a huge kirpaan with me all the time.

Get out there and speak for the rest.

wear a 9 inch Kirpan, carry pepper spray and show what it is to be a KAUR!!

Woaah Woah,

dude, I think your overreacting a bit. That is a liitle much. And also, i've told people this before, it doesn't matter what you carry, it's your knowledge of self defence. Instead, i reecomend bhan ji ta take up some sort of street defence martial arts, although the pepper spray idea is good. Other than that, confront the gyani, tell him what he is doing and tell im to stop. If not, report im to the Pardhan of the gurudwara.


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Tell us which city this is taking place in. I can assure that if it is within my reach, the problem will very likely be resolved in a manner so you are comfortable and carefree in your visits to the g

Pen jee When a guy(whoever he maybe) follows a girl/ woman as you describe, surely he has no good intentions, so be strong and take courage by keeping Wahiguru in mind and heart as your "raakanhaar"

**NOTE** This thread is 8 years old..........................!

thats what my mate thought.

Guess what happened, when it all came out inthe open, giani got "chucked out" - no he's chilling in southall now

And the girl? Rumour upon RUMOUR are going around the whole city about how they were caught "doign stuff in gurdwara computer room" who how she "flirted and met up" with him.

Its pathetic. I started to hate everyone in my area. I hate them all.

Only my and her direct family know abt the truth - everyone else beleive the rumours. The girl's life is in shatters. For what? For Being too scared to tell her parents that the giani is blackmailing/perving/touching her, thats what.

The giani gets away with it, and is chilling in a different city...

That's what I hate about the PUNJABI attitude to women ...what happened to the SIKH attitude? Who was there to protect her honour ? even from these nasty kaier lok who said nothing to the sangat about the guy but plenty wrong to 'shame' the girl. Bollywood de brainwashed lok ...apni dheean nu galat ilzam lah reho jadd koe admi ohna de izzat nu hath paunda ? fitt jaun da ...you eat up all that Hindi BS that girls have no value and should go die somewhere if they are abused or molested you deserve to be beaten alongside those who prey on the girls because you are enabling those men ....just like every other Indian/Pakistani fool who does the same. I THOUGHT SIKHI WAS ABOVE ALL THAT LOW TREATMENT OF WOMEN.

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Yes it is. I was thinking about this the other day. No girl or young woman should ever he made to feel uncomfortable by a granthi. Unfortunately alot of granthis are idle and even though theyre in a temple of worship, they don't attempt tp control their thoughts. I've had granthis perve on me in the gurdwara soo many times and try really blatantly hard to make me feel very uncomfortable. It's really sad that many of the pepple who have been installed with such a huge responsibilty are peverts and idio*s. I've also seen granthis sitting around bitching about women, who knows what else some get up to. Real real wolves in sheeps clothing as Jesus said. Unfortunely they're just not up to the seva theyve been given at all.

I've walked into a langar hall full of men many times, when i was younger i came across abit weaker, but now many get angry/intimidated when they see a strong woman. I wouldnt be suprised if there are potentail rapists on gurdwarras, it wouldnt be the first time.

There should be a central place that we can contact to complain and get someone to go and investigate as if we complain directly to the gurdwarra, these people may try and cover each others backs. Also, many gurdwarra committe folk are attached to cultural ideas so may try and downplay a complaint or stick by their fellow indians. So maybe a younger, more clued up guy would be better to carry out the investigations.

Also, any younger girls and any women who are having problems shoukd speak up, whether its an innapropriate conversation theyve had or heard or an innapropritae action. If u leave it, God knows what coukd happen to another woman, as well as the fact that our Gurdwarras should NOT be run by people who dont even attempt to practice Truth.

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