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Paapee Slobodan Milosovec Is Dead

simmal tree

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Do you believe that ?

Remember not too long ago the news channels were telling us that Saddam had huge stockpiles of chemical weapons. Today they are telling us of the threat Iran poses, despite Iran not having gone on an offensive war with any other country. Over the last few decades the USA has tried to topple 50 governments. I know which version of events I would rather believe.

But the wars were long and bloody and many people died. The massacre of Muslims in Srebrenica when 8000 Muslims were slaughtered - it was all true.


The Croats and Bosnian Muslims were just as bad. The asian jihadis who went over had a particular reputation for beheading people. They were all at it. Just the whole world ganged up on the Serbs and forgot about the atrocities committed by the other parties in this war.

Yes try Serbian war criminals but let Del Ponte try the other criminals. Many of the Croat war criminals were trained by the USA. They are still happily living in Croatia.

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We only think Malosavic is evil, because of what the American media feeds us and the American media and government is full of bullsh*t. Watch the loose change video on 9/11. It shows how the American government blew up the towers themselves.

If you haven't seen yet here are some links to the video :



Spread the word, spread the TRUTH !!

Osama Bin Laden is completely innocent and has been used as a scapegoat, BIN LADEN INNOCENT! AMERICAN GOVERNMENT GUILTY!

American Government MURDABAD !!

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vaaaheguroojeekeefathehhh !!!!!!!!

gurmukh pyare khalsa jee,

i recognize and understand that slobodan milosovic was not the only paapee, in fact the earth is suffering due to the unlimited lekha of akirthghan paapees like myself, who put a heavy burden on the earth.

i agree that the US government and various other governments have taken part in maha paap around the world, killing thousands of people and destroying millions of lives through their wars, global economic sanctions, business expansions, child labour, exploitation of poor people, and much more.

my post wasn't to point finger at only one paapee but i was just celebrating for the sake of mother earth, who is suffering the burden of such people. and now dharamraaj has done / will do justice according to hukam. it is good to celebrate justice.

nindakh kai mukh keeno rog

jai jai kaar karehi sabh log

gaavan thudhno pavan paanee baisanthar

gaavai Raja Dharam, duaaray

gaavan thudhno Chith-Gupath likh jaanan

likh likh dharam beecharay

guru sahib knows all actions and all accounts.

guru maharaj kirpa karkay apnay khalsay noo niaarapan bakhshan athay bipran dee reeth tho bachaun thaa kay jaldee tho jaldee guru maharaaj dee kirpa naal khalsa raaj kaeim ho sakay.

bhul chuk muaaf karnaa jee


vaaaheguroojeekeefathehhhhh !!!!!!!!!

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he was such a nice mistaken guy.

i saw a interview with him. the reporter said that his troupes were gang rapeing,

muslim girls.

and his reply was with a smile on his face..

"the winner gets the spoils of war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


that did it for me, that is not a nice guy....well he'll soon be jugde'd

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