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I Can't Help But Feeling Guilty

Guest moorakh:(

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Guest moorakh:(


i've done alot of paap in the past,yet now through guru sahib's kirpa i'm getting the gursikhi way of life,yet then again lately i just feel that i'm growing farther and farther apart from guru sahib.i have been doing paath every morning,afternoon,and night....yet i havent been doing that all weeek,i dunno wat is wrong with me,i cry so much because i can't help but think that i'm being seperated from my guru....and i did take amrit before,yet i did a karaith cry_smile.gif and i want to take amrit again yet my entire family is not into sikhi yet its only me,i dunno wat to do,all this guilt i feel,its killing me,i luv guru sahib very much,but i feel that im being sepreated from him,wat do i do?how can i be strong and face my family?,and im so scared that im dissapointing every other gursikh for doin a karaith,a moorakh like me doesnt deserve this kind of love from guru ji,rite?,please reply back,the more advice i get the better,thanks!


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Penji, just hold on tight.. Guru Ji will help you. Cary on with your rehit.. looking back at the past and crying over it won't change it :lol: Move On and become a better Gursikh.

Mistakes are like the borders of the path.. we all learn by mistakes. If we never committed mistakes we would be so Chardi Kala so soon and then hankar settles in our minds. Its through mistakes and experiences that we can go forward in the path. Roses are beautiful, but they have thorns on them too - Without them they wont have the chance to grow since any animal can just eat it up.

On the other hand, normal humans make mistakes once. Fools repeat them.

Dnt worry about paap.. I'm quite sure you cant have done as much paap as me..

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Now, onto the family issue.. This is a test from Guru Ji.. to see how much you're devoted to Guru ji.

This world is practically a war arena.. We are all fighting in it and some win, some lose, some cary on fighting.

Doing naam jap amritvela before nitnem and just breathe wid naam...

ie: breathe in:wahe ... breathe out: guru in whispers. Listen to raag kirtan.. it makes you think about the world beyond and gives u a yearning of wanting to go somewhere speical. This place is: Guru ji's laps.

Be the lotus flower Guru Ji describes, and dont be affected by the muddy waters. Be the SINGHNI like Mai Bhago Ji, who led an army of Singhs to battle. Be the DAUGHTER of Guru Gobind Singh Ji to whome you gave your head. Keep rethinking about the scene, when the panj pyare gave you amrit..Dont forget the magical moment.. and smile in its memory

Taking amrit has made your janam suhela. Its up to you to keep the rehit and seva.. dont waste time.. everything you do is accepted in Akal Purakh Waheguru ji's court. Who cares about Anyone?! As long as Guru Ji;s knows you have improved, that's all that matters. Just be strong.

Dont worry about being in the war, just think about HOW to fight and be VICTORIOUS -


Be a fighter, penji, be a fighter

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