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so who's missing their 'pind' :D ??? :TH: :TH: :TH: (there's tandoor in fourth pic)

apna punjab hove... gar da saag hove... apna punjab ..oye apna punjaaaaaab :T:

LOL hahaha :e: nice version yes i miss punjab sooooooooooo much. . i miss Ranoh the cow who used 2 live in the gulley directly behind my bedroom and she used to wake me up early in the morning wit

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bro thats nice to see roads in pinds. when i lived in punajb there were no roads made yet, I call my cousins in punjab now they say they a public swinmming pool at the pind, before the swimming pool was made we used goto bambi's(pani wali motor) and play around. We used to play kabaddi and there were many fights at our pind and it was kind of a entertainment for us. Many fights were for simple reason but they would fight after they drink daru. Man I still remember many fights, gadassa, kirpana. It was crazy, During sant jee's time we had 2 motorcycle's in our village and now we have maruti's and unlimited motorcycles. The only problem in our area is the youth doesn't want to study, they want to come to foreign and they are getting haircuts, watching porno movies or messing with bibia. Life is changing in villages and many are coming back to sikhi but many are leaving sikhi. Now days you will barely see sikh naujwans at a khet(jameen), the old or the bihari's are workin on our lands. The youth wants to sell their land to get money for a foreign trip.


Here's the picture of my pind that we visited two weeks ago..


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Here's the picture of my pind that we visited two weeks ago..


ohmy.gif lookin at those pics reminded me of that Gurdas maans song "mudh mudh yaad satavey pind diya galliyan di..." i dont know what cmes after that but yea! lol

so s1ngh jiiiiii!!! i see u are on ur vcation there...hmmm.. i e-maild you? please reply back so the people can wait for u and also so they can fix up the house etc unless u wana go there and find the house empty... wondering where everyone went :@ lol

that would be bad wouldn't it? blush.gif

let me know if u goin or not yea! can't belve we have to discuss our bizwiz here :@ u ignorent usless persons(dont let jt kaur see this....don't wana black marks or starve to death when i come to ur house :) )

i miss punjab

and Peacemaker:

oh jio my post wasn't to make u feel bad no.gif they jus my memories, the things i miss about punjab...

umm may be uncousiouzly i was trying to tellu guys what u missin by not being Penduz tongue.gif jk

so my question again ...

anyone ever milked a cow etc?

Akal Sahai

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Aw this is makin me cry, itz remiding me of my Pind ! Jus cum bak from panjab recently, want 2 go bak to my pind agen.


Ive lived in pind but i never get used to the fact that they use cow poo for energy. :@ @ :lol: @ :lol: @ wacko.gif

I prefer living in city than pind :@

city is good, yh great !

BUT PIND IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH APNAAPUN :TH: I feel much more safer @ out Pind with my Bibi Baba and all da fam :)

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ha its cow poo med in2 disc shapes 2 burn as fuel :TH: Lovely ..but hey its better then wastin non renewable energy sources :)

Um, thanks for explaining, but how do you get fuel from cow poo? :@ @

bro pathiyan are used for fire under chula.

Oh rehan deh yaar.. uhnay hun puchan lag pehana.. chula key hunda... :@

haha LOL.gif that's funny. peacemaker veera i think i am going to amritsar ( punjab ) next year. come with me, i will tell u everything about pinds. chula, chbara etc. yaar tuun ik vari chbachay ( water tank with bambi ) vich varea, tera bahar niklan nu ji nahi karna.


Visting your homeland is something really special. Nevermind the freshies or the smell or the heat. Though i am ashamed to say I have not "really" been there.


benji don't be ashamed, that's not ur fault. but try to visit there. i am sure u eill like when u get a lot of love from ur own people.

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HAHAHA we left out the chickens and chouchaee!!!!!!! omg i was nearly attacked by one!!! :lol: @

..yhh the pathiyaa are used as fuels in pinds..making pathiyaa are not that bad as it goes tongue.gif .... its all gd haha! :TH:

..i tried the milk thing .. n yh was kicked by the silly cow n went flying into the kaethh :@

but oww i soo wana go back theree :@ !!!.. true everyone is soo nice to you and care about you ...to be honest all they talk about is marriage to you..gets annoying!! :lol: @ ...but overalll its wiked!!!!!......NOTHING COMPARES TO PIND!!! :) :TH:

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Pathiyans or as kids call them "Thapiyans" arre used as the fuel for the fire to do the cooking etc butttttttttttttt the ashes from them are also or rather were when i was young used to wash pandes as well. So cow poo had multiple purposes.

I remember the neighbours coming around our house to see if they could get some Sawah(Ashes) :)

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Guest HaRdKaUrWaRrIoRz

:) @ :@ @ :@ @ :lol: @ :lol: @ :lol: @ :lol: @ :lol: @ :@ @ :@ @ :@ @ :@ @


whatz up with both of u.

Kuch nahi ji. Um, I think Navi got freaked out. LOL.gif

navi bhaji kidan, u never visit any pind.

Well, I usually lived in the city and didn't like going to the pind that much. I just don't fit in there, because I'm a "pretty boy". LOL.gif

pretty boys got no place in tha pind cuz thas where all the gang bangers roll ......

so they use cow crap for fuel?? icic beeerrry smart

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i should show some pics of my early years up in northern Alberta! we don't have much of our culture left, however, we are discovering our language (cree) again and our youth are getting more interested in the culture and religion before the "white men" came.

It's rather tragic... alot of the youth in the early days before 1950's, where taken from their parents and put into catholic residential schools. My dad was taken too, and was in bad condition when he came out. Apparently, in the res school. they forced him to speak english and look down on their culture. So today, it's comming back!

Anyways, i'll see if i can scrap up a few pictures of the area i used to call home. It's very beautiful... isolated, clean, wild, and peacful.

that would be really intresting! yea i have read amrican hist no.gif , watched it on tv as well as read it in my teaching books! its really sad what we humanz do to each other:(

post the piczzz can't wait to see um!


awesome memoriez.. yea i have done all that too but my post was gettin real big!

if we people these days did what our najurgaz did in the past my goodness no one will need gymz or need to go on diet :)

chukkiyee peeniy and milk riiddhna ...awsome workout plus othe benifitz!

miss it alll

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