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Galloway On Lebanon


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George Bush is a <banned word filter activated>. Hes like the high school football team capitain: he is popular with the "in" people, but hes really stupid and most of the people would say they dont like him.

Bush has heavy ties with Saudis etc they get eachother rich while we have to work for a living and not get anywhere

I think he's hilarious and he just cracks me up with what he says and how he says it but he's treating our prime minister like a poodle rolleyes.gif

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omg omg omg...i saw bush on tv yesterday after comin out of, or goin into his private plane or whatever..... and like..you know what he said (to Muslims obviously..cuz he was talkin abt Islam)!?!?!?!? :@

he said something like

they dont respect what we as americans believe in

i aint gonna quote on it..cuz like..im not sure if those were his EXACT words

BUT...i KNOW that he was reffering to Muslims..i KNOW...

now....what on Earth did he mean though??

what do americans believe in that other people around the world DONT believe in???

thats bs...

stupidity... :)

i dont know if anyone will agree with me on this one..but

i defo stand my ground on this one...


abt the first video..

that one thing the guy said...

"One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter."

its so true...

like..people only see things from one point of view. :@


i still stand my ground tongue.gif



He actually said they want to harm us for what we believe in..(ie Democracy, Human Rights, Freedom of Religion). Most non-Muslims believe in these.

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Freedom of Religion is the main reason why muslims dont like the U.S.

The U.S. has these laws written in concrete and they cant be a real religion until there is only one.

There question to all " Why would God confuse us by having all these religions"? "Once God only has Islam on Earth then the world will get along".

I think this is funny because they fight against Sunni, Shi'a etc and blow eachother up even at mosques and they are gonna be peaceful once there is only one religion on Earth.

There is only one religion on Earth, Its called the Worship of God, and it doesnt matter how you just have to have Naam. I feel to acheive Naam outside of Sikhi would be very hard {not impossible} without the Sadh Sangat.

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