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Plane Bombing Plot


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Sikhs have been suffering for the actions of Muslims for the last few decades

In 1979 Sikhs were attacked in the US due to the Iranian hostage crisis. After 9/11 and 7/7 the same things happened again. Now with this new plot we will again face harrassment. Amritdharis working at the Airport might have restrictions of their kakkars put on again.

On the other hand the media is full of stories of Muslims complaining about harrassment. Someone Hajabi woman was on TV a few minutes ago about getting 'weird' looks from people LOL.gif Sikhs have been killed due to the actions of Muslims in the last few years and she's complaining about a few weird looks! Isn't it time that the Sikh leadership approached the Media and let them know that it is contributing to the harrassment of Sikhs. Even after it has been pointed out that these 24 people arrested are Muslims, some news channels are still referring to them as Asians! Some reporters on the scene are going on about the deep resentment felt by many 'Asian' youth against Britain's foreign policy! One 'intelligence' expert was on Sky News an hour again and he was referring to these people as 'south asians' Only when the interviewed mentioned Muslim relations with the police did he then refer to them as Muslims.

I think it's time for us to phone in to talk radio like TalkSport, LBC, BBC London and let them know that we Sikhs will also suffer harrassment and let's not let the Muslims hog all the media time.

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The Moslems complain about the West foreign policy in the Middle East but I don’t hear the oil rich Arab countries complaining?

I don’t agree with my country’s (Britain) foreign policy in not apply enough pressure on countries for e.g. Burma, China, and India in not improving their human rights record but I won’t be committing acts of terrorism.

Britain is a democratic, liberal, secular, capitalist country if you don’t agree with this you can always move to the North Korea, Nigeria, Saudia Arabia?

I am sensing a sea change in Britain’s tolerance for ‘outsiders’. My fear now as Proactive stated is that we may get caught up in the backlash when we have been hundred percent loyal to Britain, socially and economically productive and reaching the top in other areas such as Monty has done for England in the cricket very recently.

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I tell everyone the same thing... See, England has a sikh in professional sports. Professional players are looked at as role models and respected very highly. And through this, I'm sure it will help educate people about sikhs, and may find people curious enough to go reasearch or look it up somewhere as to what sikhs are... So it's a huge step in the right direction. But the U.S. doesn't have anyone like that, and there are SO many uneducated people in the U.S. that don't have a clue as to what sikhs are, and that they are in fact, different from muslims. And no matter how hard you try to reach the media, it will only re-educate those who already know about sikhism. it won't reach those who are ignorant and those who actually start threatening sikhs. But still, can't give up...

Wjkk, Wjkf

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The muslims are trying to start confusion so they can start their movement of trying to take over the world. They cant have documented that "Guy A or Guy B" did this and started the war against all non-muslims etc they need a mob mentality to start their movement.

My advise is to learn as much Sikhi as you can so if you are ever struck down then you have something to comprehend and meditate on.

Heres what they say about England its not a secret people.




and this is hanging up on the entrance to a mosque about the U.S


Do you think they mean "yeah dude were down with the U.S man"????


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The arabs have geniune greievences about usa/western foreign policy with its interest in oil producing countries and establishing military bases around the globe. But when the muslims use their religion as justification to fight against perceived injustices then it devalues their geniune misgivings done to them cos islamic ideology itself is based on so called prophet who justifies treating non-muslims inferior to muslims, had sex with 9yr girl, says to treat women like kids or animals with limited rights, killed and looted many jews for simply just being jews, the list goes on and on.

Makes me sick knowing so many educated people who are brained washed and still stuck in islam because its easier to follow and sedued by all those lustful desires they are promised in this life and next and if they dont like it well allah will send them to hell forever, it shows its all based on fear. Shariah law even says if you leave islam you become a kafir their are allowed to be murdered.

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have these ppl turned fanatics under the name of islam or does islam teach them to do this???....just wondering??

they choose to do this, islam doesnt teach it originaly.

Are you sure, did you read the Koran

well it does mention parts about stricking those who threaten islam. It asso mentions jihad - yet there are different "jihads" there is personal or spiritual "jihads" - some people today just bend that to justify violence. I have researched into islam and read portions. i shoud get my copy out and read it over again :)

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