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Plane Bombing Plot


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Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!!

manjot singh... once again you have failed to tackle all the points.. you said:

There were no seperate explosions in the WTC, right off the bat. If that were the case, then who put the "bombs" in there, don't tell me they were because of some security "drills". And they were saying something about bombs being on the 7th floor, right? That's not the way the towers fell down. He tried to even show an explosion, but all I saw was a little, I don't know puff on the screen! He tried so hard, but it was really nothing! He probably made it up with some cheap cgi program!

all the videos that have cloose-up footage CLEARLY show that there were set explosions on EACH floor... there are university professors and scientists who say there is NO way that the buildings could've collapsed on their own... 1 because of the metal... 2 because the location the planes were hit.. and 3 the way the buildings actually fell down - demolition style... so there goes your argument rite there... you still haven't showed any PROOF... ur jus goin on ur own thinkin and what ur gov't has fed you... these people in the videos have PROVED with numbers and facts that there is no POSSIBLE way that the buildings could've fell on their own, and no POSSIBLE way that the buildings could've fell straight down... in FACT the landlord of Building 7 ADMITTED that he ordered to "pull it" (i.e. pull the plug - bring the building down).. oh, just so you know, building 7 was never hit by any plane or nething... just with some of the rubble from one'a the other towers... so.. how exactly did it come down? hmmm... grin.gif

BIN LADEN AND THOSE AL QAEDA SCUMBAGS ARE THE ONLY REASON FOR 9/11! ANYONE WHO BELIEVES OTHERWISE, CAN TAKE A HIKE! Heera, go and say something bad about Bin laden, because not once have you even accused him of anything! Tell us why don't you saying anything about Bin Laden.

okay... PROVE IT!! that, to this day, has NOT been proven at all... in fact, quite the opposite HAS been proven, but people like you, who are confined to this narrow way of thinkin, who have been fed GOV'T nonsense still refuse to listen and see the FACTS..! and OBVIOUSLY you didn't read my other post... i said in my other post that maybe they WERE involved... but without a reasonable doubt, the gov't had COORDINATED and CARRIED OUT the attack...

Also, with the way you think of America and Uk, if you ever try to enter these countries, I feel you should not be let in, because you don't respect these countries enough. And I hope customs can smell that on you.

I only come to USA for Samagams :) ... and I've never actually been to UK... i would probably only go there for a samagam or somethin as well!!

You wouldn't even admit that the problems is with radical muslims, but instead you focus on COUNTRIES like UK and USA, and post stupid videos made by people who obviously have agends against the government. They are not credible! And you seem educated, yet you still believe these lies. Again, you may think I'm joking, but I feel you are an informant!

okay... lets see..

1. i DID say that there are problems with radical muslims, and that i don't agree with a lot of stuff they do/believe; thats beyond the point ...

2. i focus on those 2 countries because EVIDENCE PROVES that this was in inside job...

3. these 'stupid' videos CLEARLY outsmarted all those who think that the gov't didn't have anything to do with it :@ ... they DO have agenda's against the gov't... and that agenda is to get the TRUTH out...

4. i'm not educated enough to be an informant :@ ... oh... wait... who am i going to inform to anyways?

People like you make things so complicated! The answer is hijackers who were radical muslims following bin laden, some planes and fuel. End of story!

Once again.. a typical reply..... people like you STILL are naive in believing what I have stated... people like you, even after hearing/seeing all the EVIDENCE and FACTS will still answer with, "thats all bullsh*t" without ANY educated analysis of the situation... people like you don't WANT to believe that their 'precious' government had nothing to do with it... people like you look for the easy answer... people like you don't want to believe or even hear the TRUTH!!!! after ALLL the evidence, after ALL the facts, after ALL the PROOF you STILL are in denial... i don't understand how a person can be so naive... your rebuttals (or lack thereof) give no facts, no evidence, no numbers... nothing... its basically 'no, this is the way it is, and thats that'... ummm.... WRONG... i honestly feel sorry for you if you think that this is all a 'conspiracy'... u said you would look at these videos with 'an open mind'... but it doesn't seem that way at all... a person with an open mind would've done some research and come back with factual evidence to state otherwise... you haven't done anything of the sort... it seems you've been brainwashed to believe that the Bush Administration had NOTHING to do with the attacks.. face the facts bro!! stop living in a fantasy world...

and just to get this clear, I haven't badmouthed America as a COUNTRY... tha's not my beef... my claims are against the GOV'T ...

so.. until you, or anybody else, can reply with broken down points (FACTUAL evidence, not just "no the gov't had nothin to do wit it... it was all bin laden" blah blah blah) refuting the points made in these movies, you have no argument.. in an educated debate, there are 2 sides who share their views BACKED up by facts, points, numbers, etc... you, nor anybody else, has provided anything...

Chardi Kalaa!!

Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!!

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After you watch the video I posted doesnt it make you re-think everything, the BS, all that the government feeds us.

I researched this stuff for a long time, too long in fact and all I could come up with for my conclusion is that the Government has us in control fighting amongst the religions while they spend all the money that the world shovels at the in the form of taxes or bribes etc. They know where bin-laden is. They are friends with the saudis etc. They wont go killing terrorist for a reason, the reason being............control/power

Corruption to a world scale.

If anyone wants to discuss the video by trying to state that the videos arguement is false then make up a new thread about the video and Ill be happy to dive right in :)

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Pritam Singh Jee, nobody has any constructive argument against these videos... those people who think these videos are false are just in denial!! there are 4 videos that we have posted on this thread (and i'm sure there are many more books, videos, and documentries supporting our belief, against the USA gov't)... the 4 being:

1. Loose Change

2. Terrorstorm

3. Re-Open 9/11 (posted by Pritam Singh)

4. Farenheit 9/11 - which hasn't been posted, but i'm sure most of us have seen it

nobody has given ONE credible argument against these videos... nobody can prove these videos wrong... and i haven't seen one FACT or any evidence to indicate that these videos are false...

so yes, they SHOULD make you re-think everything... they should open up everybody's eyes... they should make people aware of the power and corruption in the gov't... and they SHOULD make everybody realize the truth... some people jus choose not to listen to it... ah well.. their loss..!!

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wjkk wjkf,

hey everyone... relax... man, this thread is getting outta control... everybody take a deep breath, and repeat, "Waheguru, Wahuguru"... It's ok, you're probably all right in a way... Now, Heera Singh and Manjot, let's see a hug or something... :TH:

wjkk wjkf

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Guest Bass Singh


This topic has sort of gone off topic lool, but i agree with what Pritam Singh & Heera Singh Are saying, cuz i too have the same idea about what happened on 9/11!


p.s every1 have a big hug!


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Heera Singh

There are a lot of resources on the internet that debunk loose change. To all the gullible people on the forum please check this site out


Btw Heera Singh I have a goose that lays golden eggs can you send me a couple of thousand pounds and i'll send it to you.

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