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Golee Maro

Three Young Gursikhs Pass Away In Lake District Tragedy

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Its almost been a year now , will the wolverhampton sangat be planning anything for the anniversary? kirtan darbars, rehansbhais?

I know some peole from Birmingham have already discussed about this and are planning to hold one of their weekly simran seesions into a tribute to the 3 Gursikhs!!! Will let you know when the date is set!!

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like mr khalistani above i knew 2 of the 3 lads and they were brilliant, even though they were a good few yrs younger then me i was immensly inawe about hw much they already knew harvinder was the leader of em, fantastic at shastyr vidiya and always looking for a reason to listen to kirtan, satveer was very much in the "ghetto" phase wen he joined but he took to the guru jis word so quickly and within a matter of weeks was such a chardikala singh, guru ji always takes the best soorma first, we will miss em all gr8tly

bhul chuk maf :wub:

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a year has passed.

goojaree mehalaa 4 ||

Goojaree, Fourth Mehla

guramukh sakhee sehaelee maeree mo ko dhaevahu dhaan har praan jeevaaeiaa ||

O Gurmukhs, O my friends and companions, give me the gift of the Lord's Name, the life of my very life.

ham hoveh laalae golae gurasikhaa kae jinhaa anadhin har prabh purakh dhhiaaeiaa ||1||

I am the slave, the servant of the Guru's Sikhs, who meditate on the Lord God, the Primal Being, night and day. ||1||

maerai man than birahu gurasikh pag laaeiaa ||

Within my mind and body, I have enshrined love for the feet of the Guru's Sikhs.

maerae praan sakhaa gur kae sikh bhaaee mo ko karahu oupadhaes har milai milaaeiaa ||1|| rehaao ||

O my life-mates, O Sikhs of the Guru, O Siblings of Destiny, instruct me in the Teachings, that I might merge in the Lord's Merger. ||1||Pause||

jaa har prabh bhaavai thaa guramukh maelae jinh vachan guroo sathigur man bhaaeiaa ||

When it pleases the Lord God, he causes us to meet the Gurmukhs; the Hymns of the Guru, the True Guru, are very sweet to their minds.

vaddabhaagee gur kae sikh piaarae har nirabaanee nirabaan padh paaeiaa ||2||

Very fortunate are the beloved Sikhs of the Guru; through the Lord, they attain the supreme state of Nirvaanaa. ||2||

sathasa(n)gath gur kee har piaaree jin har har naam meet(h)aa man bhaaeiaa ||

The Sat Sangat, the True Congregation of the Guru, is loved by the Lord. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is sweet and pleasing to their minds.

jin sathigur sa(n)gath sa(n)g n paaeiaa sae bhaageheen paapee jam khaaeiaa ||3||

One who does not obtain the Association of the True Guru, is a most unfortunate sinner; he is consumed by the Messenger of Death. ||3||

aap kirapaal kirapaa prabh dhhaarae har aapae guramukh milai milaaeiaa ||

If God, the Kind Master, Himself shows His kindness, then the Lord causes the Gurmukh to merge into Himself.

jan naanak bolae gun baanee gurabaanee har naam samaaeiaa ||4||5||

Servant Nanak chants the Glorious Words of the Guru's Bani; through them, one is absorbed into the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||4||5||

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dhan waheguru dhan waheguru

i never had the kismet of meeting such gursikhs

but i know that they are at home with their preetem akal

it is sad for the whole panth when a gursikh passes on

but we must remember that the jee is timeless

and the lights have merges with the light and become indentical as one dhan waheguru

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Bhog Sri Akhand Paath Sahib to be held at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Sedgley St, Wolverhampton from tomorrow [Friday 19th Sept] to Sunday 21st Septmber 2008 - in rememberance of Harvinder Singh, Tejinder Singh and Satvir Singh.

There is also a keertan darbaar being held on Saturday night from 6pm till 12pm in Hall Number 4.

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They will always be missed.

Amazing Gursikhs. Satvir Singh was from Mao Sahib, where Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji got married to Mata Ganga Ji

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    • Unfortunately we had our first death due to COVID 19 in NZ today.
    • Has any1 without a already existing medical condition even died from this thing!?  Every1 that is dyeing is either old or already had some health problems.  1000s of old people die of normal flu in this country every year. Iv been going out to grab something from the shops every day.  My mum works in a hospital full of patients with this virus and majority of them are old people in their 70s and 80s. And even some of them are recovering and going home. So far only around 3 or 4 people have died in that hospital. 
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    • I think thats the correct assessment once nato and us troops leave its gonna be a jihadi royal rumble again just like syria was recently and still is in some parts. The only 2 reasons they hadnt left is because they didnt want to leave the previous ancient gurdwara that is very important to Sikh heritage and history. And secondly most of them are not economically well off enough to afford to get out through legitimate or illegitimate means. They are in a very dire situation surrounded by rabid evil islamic dogs who have no love for them. Perhaps if USSR had used weapons of mass destruction and dropped them on afghanistan just carpet bombed flatten it until all islamic influence and corruption was removed maybe afghanistan would have a chance to breath but right now the islamic jihadi virus has got a strangle hold over it. The problem india faces is when NATO leaves the attention from these bastards will turn towards them especially in kashmir. Both pakistan and india is in the eyes of the map of IS-K. Pakistan thinks its safe from is-k al-qaeda but it isnt they are playing with the devil right now but they will get hurt again as they decide to over run the pakistani government kuffar regime that isnt implementing their version of sharia islamic law.  
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