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Lest We Forget

In Memory of the Millions of Men, Women and Children of All Nations and All Faiths who died and continue to die in conflicts around the world.

We owe them a debt of honour - and it is our duty to ensure that these people are remembered for eternity.

Here is a short film about the Soldiers of undivided India - Sikhs , Muslims and Hindus who fought in the Second World War.

The Film - "Southall to Cassino" follows veterans, now living in England, as they travel to Cassino, Italy - scene of some of the worst fighting in the War , it is regarded as the toughest battle of the war in W. Europe - to pay their respects to their fallen comrades.

The War Cemetery - Cassino -- a photograph


It is a beautiful, poignant little film , made by the BBC (UK) and it was shown on BBC2 in 1989


It includes old footage, the old soldiers, (Indian, German, British,Canadian ,Polish and Italian) telling their stories and recalling their experiences.

Please send this link to all your friends - in this month of remembrance - to ensure their sacrifice is remembered and not forgotton.

Please click on this link to see the film :



Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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Guest s133k_s1kh


Nice Documentary. Count the TURBANED GUYS in the Video. Notice the SINGHs inscribed on the war memorials :TH: .

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Memorials to the Fallen (Sikh Soldiers and those from Undivided India)

The Chattri , South Downs Brighton UK


Coventry UK


Constitution Hill London UK


Sikh Soldiers in the Trenches of Gallipoli (WW1)



Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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Thank you brother for the pictures :D

I have one question...

Were sikh soldier buried or criminated?? I was reading the book "Passion India".. it's about the Anita, spanish lady who got married with kapurthala prince/king... In that book, she mentioned that one time she was touring the indian soldiers in France and one sikh soldier approached her and told her "I don't want to die here".. Don't think i am afraid of my enemy.. I worry that my body won't be criminated by sikh rites and i am a sikh and i want my ashes to be thrown in water... etc... I will type the full chapter here tomorrow..

So were they all buried??

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Gurfateh Bhai Sahib !

In general the Sikhs and Hindus were cremated and then the remains were buried - This is what happened in some of the Memorials in France.

The Chatri memorial in Brighton marks the spot where 53 Sikhs and Hindus (who fought in WW1 and were injured and cared for at Brighton but then died) were cremated - their ashes were scattered in the nearby sea.

Muslims were buried at nearby Woking.

However Many Sikhs and Hindus were buried - I think I remember reading that in the 1960s the Indian graves at the Neuve Chapelle Memorial were exhumed and the remains were cremated.

It must be remembered that cremation was quite alien to the British and most Europeans - the first cremation in British history occurred in around 1880 ( I believe it was illegal before that)

Hope that goes some way to answering your question. (Sorry I don't have any references I'm just quoting from memory! )

Ranjit Singh

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Thank you for the reply.. it answered my question quite well :D

Another issue about Dalip singh (Son of Mah. Ranjit Singh).. he died in France in very disgrace state and i believe (if im not mistaken) his grave is in some remote part of England? Do you know anything regarding his funeral rites? buried?

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about Duleep Singh--I thik there are people who are trying to get the British government to allow them to go about doing his funeral rites properly.

check these out--i'll try to dig more out



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Gufateh !

With regard to Duleep Singh - He is buried in the church-yard of St Andrew's & St Patrick's Church , Elveden, Suffolk (near Thetford about 50 miles from Cambridge UK). He is buried alongside his wife and son.

While Duleep Singh did take amrit at Aden , it is clear from his will & testament that he wished to be buried with Christian rites.

Here are some pictures



Headstone of Duleep Singh , his wife and son


The Duleep Singh memorial Stained glass window gifted by his children to the Church


The plaque on the wall of the Church gifted by UK Sikhs


Duleep Singh's children were all buried with Christian rites - you can see Princess Bamba's grave, at Lahore, in this film I posted on SS


Back to the topic of Memorials here is the Memorial at Kranji , Singapore


The Grave of 'Ranjit Singh' of the Sikh Regiment - at Kranji - note how it says "Sanskaarey gaye" in Gurmukhi


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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    • No, this was different guy. He wasn't even a public figure. Funny thing with AKJs is the "Nervous Indian" didn't have to go through any public apology stuff and that was the worst! (If you don't know of the Nervous Indian thing, then you're lucky.)
    • Who resides in the Sangat ? Guru. So the Guru is sangat and the sangat is Guru. So would you not want to serve our Guru the best you can? So what if people come to the Gurdwara for the food, make the best and let them come. Have big hearts guys, Guru tha langar sabho awaay, let them come the house of Guru Nanak is open to all. Tell you what, you moaners why don't you cook up dhal and roti at home for a week you will soon get chittar. This is Guru ghar, let it be the best you can, make the best and serve the best and Guru ji will smile on you. What is wrong with the proliferation of Akahnd Paaths and Sukhmani sahibs, you think people were doing a sin ! Why shouldn't they do paaths at the gurdwara and why shouldn't you make the best langar you can? Everyone has sharda and everyone wants to make the best . Bar humbug to the lot of yer!   😀
    • Yes. Being intellektual means you are boring. Keneda particularly promotes this. They love the Larping that goes along with the rural life. 
    • Be mindful of quality educational institutions because it would encourage further exodus out of Punjab. It also depends on where you think educational institutions come from, what I mean by this whether it is public (government funded) or privately funded. There are plenty of privately funded colleges and universities. For example, there is Lovely University. This is privately funded. They have a huge campus built not far from Jalandhar.  You cannot have these educatonal facilities without having the jobs to go with it.
    • Well I had one relative (through marriage) from back home who was snatched up to do his MSc in Germany (something about auto-driving cars with BMW). When he finished that, he was snatched up by America (Texas to be specific) to do his PHd overthere, all he had to pay for was his ticket there and they have set him up with uni fees and accomodation. Another female relative in the same branch of the family just got a job in a Panjabi university as a Chemical Engineer lecturer, so things are happening.  Not enough in my opinion though. Says a lot that hordes of sons of relatively affluent pendu families back home aspire to come to the UK and become builders. There is an anti--intellectual culture back home. There is little to no culture of appreciating/developing gian for gian's sake - and it explains a lot of what we see. 
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