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Names Beginging With T

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Guest SatwantBeantKehar

From SGGS :

Tajant : Detached

Tapasa, Tapasya : Meditation

Tapeeser: Meditator

Tarang: Wave

Taran: Act of swimming across the ocean of bhaujal

Trisna: Desire, Thurst (in positive sense - the desire to be one with the lord)

Tripat, Tripta: Content

Triptas: Desire to be content


Tav: (You - the Lord )

Tav Prasad (Not from sggs - from dasam granth)

Taan: Strength

Tyag, Tyagan: Sacrifice

Tumri: Yours (Feminine)


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Guest SatwantBeantKehar


I dont think its necessary that all sikh names end with deep, preet, pal, inder

etc - think out of the box !!

Also how do you like the suggestion that the name should be from SGGS so that we are reciting at least one shabad from our Guru everytime we call this person by their name !

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