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Marriage Issues

Guest Need advice

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Look at the way she has treated you, weigh everything up. Remember if you're going to be sad for the rest of your life, think how it will impact on your family and friends. Be true to your self, and your overbearing wife. (Make sure you have done a few copies of her passport, all relevant pages, without her knowing). Good luck. And get ready for the crocodile tears when you tell her that your relationship is finished. See through this trick that many women do. Hoshiar ho ja!!!



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You left your country, your family and your JOB.. well thats lot of compromise you did on your part and i guess that she didn't compromise at all? She saw that you are weak and took the advantage of you. Secondly, I hate to ask.. Is her earning power (job pay) higher than yours? Third, is your house close to your in-laws? (in most households in-laws are the problem).

What steps you can take?

1. Become a authority figure (Treated Equal).

2. Love for partner is important but don't go flowerly all the way. Leaving your parents, your country, your friends, your JOB is the sign of trouble. Compromise one or two but NOT ALL of it. So think about it and consider going/staying away from your in-laws (if they don't respect you and your authority).

Hope you guys can work it together but brother you have to take *gentle* strong stand..

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My suggestion -

Truly ask yourself have you done enough on your part to make it work. Do not look at other friends relationships with their partners, just you and your wife.

If you have done everything you possibly to resolve then the next step is to finish the marriage.

Points to make note IF you decide to do so,

Unfortunately the courts side with females in divorce cases - have a think of the assets you have in which name etc, take professional advice (not from us in this forum or not your friends and especially not relatives). There is a possibility you could lose out ie, if you have property, cars, cash in bank, etc.

Another one to watch is your partner may turns nasty after you have told her the next step. Be on your guard. She may try to milk every situation. She will also speak to all her contracts on how to screw you, ie take you for all you have. She make also become violent, ie create an argument and call police etc, even provoke you to hit her !!!!!!

Your career may suffer in short tern as the situation will certainly affect your job. If you take time of work, ie unpaid, how much will that last etc…..

Your family, ie extended family will be asking what happened ie will not keep their noses out – They will definitely say you should have done this, you should have done that etc..

Keep your faith. It is due to Karam from last life why this situation has happened. But you also have good Karam as you have your faith as Guru Ji has taken you to Gurdwara and made you a strong sikh to cope with this situation.

As you have seen this may possibly happen if you decide to end your marriage. But it may be necessary to do so.

Either way, do not lose your faith in God (I am talking from experience).


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