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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Video

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da reason we dun depict maharaj as a model or 3d figure is because then it becomes kind of like a statue.. and sikhs do not beleive in worshipping statues, hindus do.. if thats da case den why 'ave da statue in da first place, its a waste a' space.. some people say pictures are alright because it idn't a statue

in ma opinion, i dun tink we shud keep pics or statues of our gurus.. we dun love our gurus for their bodies, we love em for their bachans, wut dey sed.. which is compiled in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji..plus none o' dem pics are even 50% true depicitions of any of da gurus, so i mean u cud be lookn at someting/someone else n calln em guru

n finally i was told by a singh dat dere is a tuk in bani where it says we shud not keep pictures of gurus or a line that explains that.. i am currently looking for it, i will post it once i find it.. not keeping statues, models, or figure forms of the gurus are explained in billions of different places in Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji so we know that video isn't da best teaching tool

think about it, if guru gobind singh ji was still alive n infront of ur face den wud u put a pic of guru nanak dev ji in ur room or wud u jus go see guru gobind singh ji (who is guru nanak dev ji)... similarly we shud jus go see dhan dhan sri guru granth sahib ji, foget pics, guru nanak is right infront of our eyes, buh we jus dun see him cuz we blinded by maya

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as well, wud anyone put a pic of guru granth sahib ji up?

no? why not? because maharaj's body is a book? well that proves that it does not matter what body maharaj is in, contemplate on maharaj's bani, not body... forget what maharaj looks like just not that upon gettn darshan from ur guru, desire for ever seeing again will vainsh

instead of lookn at dese images of what our gurus "might" look like, we shud jus do so much naam abhiyaas dat we get darshan of maharaj himself, if u want to see ur guru that bad then do wut it takes to meet him, don't put false images of him everywhere saying its him, anyways i'll find the tuk n post it styll

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