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Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji (Srinagar Wale) - Amrit Baani



a nuva Bhai Saahb 2 add 2 my colection :TH:

Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji (Srinagar Wale) - Choji Mere Govinda



Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji (Srinagar Wale) - Aakhan Jeeva


Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji (Srinagar Wale) - Aarti


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    • We should remartial gatka. It could be done. Run it through the old Riai matrix, prune it back, paste in a few forms and practices and voila. Minimalized and martial gatka. The same way Sikhi can be used to fix any Dharam, Aikido does the same to martial arts. Gatka does need a revamp though. 
    • Veerji How can we bring this great brij bhasha work in print? Where are it's manuscripts ?
    • If anyone has more details (I know maybe not) about these brothels etc, would be interesting to know *Most of the 'wrong un' Paks in UK are not from the part of Panjab close to East Panjab, they're from near Rawalpindi, or Mirpur/Azad Kashmir - make more sense that these girls be trafficked to those areas (*yes, I know they could be any type of Pak including those whose families are from places like Lahore/Sialkot/Faislabad Alternatively, the girls are/were all over so especially close to places of wealth such as Lahore . Depends where in Pakistan they and the Singhs were/are, and how many of each group to make a chance encounter more or less likely
    • He's in US You in UK ? I'm in Southeast UK
    • We have no success. Not in india. Not in canada. Literally nowhere. Our people are delusional when they see some random punjabi making it big. Most of these people are coconuts and are going to assimilate. None of this success is gonna help us. Our people dont have loyalty like jews. We need to stop believing that sikhs immigrating to western countries will be good. For one jagraj singh you will find 1000 assimilationists. For every sikh man who returns back to sikhi ,1000 will just assimilate. This is the hard truth. Back then jews survived because people were religious in those old times. Now when there is filth everywhere and religion is made out to be evil and boring, how many sikhs are going to carry it forward. I can see all these famous canadian punjabis on instagram and how much into sikhi they are. They use anand Karaj as marriage props and then once its done just move on to doing Gandh. Look at what happened to the sikhs who came here long back ago in canada and usa places like California, most of them married non sikhs and now their future generations are all white or Mexican and Christians. Just took in the nonsense of punjabi culture and removed sikhi from their lineage. How can people celebrate this? But i see punjabis going wowwwww there is a punjabi mexican community. This just shows how weak sikh men are and nothing to celebrate.
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