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Architecture of Siri Harmander Sahib -part 1

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waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, I was listening to katha by Veer Gurdeep Singh on Punjab


He was discussing Sahib Siri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, and the construction of


Harmandar Sahib. This led to a very interesting discussion in our


about the construction and sublime architecture of Siri Harmander


Most of this is my own reflections, so if incorrect, then it should


reflect on Dass, and not Punjab radio.

Some Architectural points:

1. Many years ago, I watched a Channel 4 documentary on the tidal


and how it works. The scientists then visited Siri Harmander Sahib and


taran discussing how such vast amounts of water are stationary and not

affected by the world rotation. They said if we applied the physics


the tidal system, the water in harmandar sahib and taran taran should


fact spill out, and not remain stationary.So they were extremely


why this does not occur. After doing numerous lab experiments, they


the water only stays stationary, if the pool has it length to


mathematic proportion to the width and depth. They worked out this


proportion. Then they measured Siri Harmandar sahib and found its

measurements fitted these exact proportions. Great is sahib Siri Arjan


Ji who knew this all along and built accordingly hundreds of years ago.

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