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    • I never really felt it in my youth, but in my 30s I realise how important the food we consume is to how the body responds to it. All those desi daane and masale and whatnot really do make a difference during recovery. It's wonderful to have those little specific cultural items and bits to fall back on that perhaps aren't used in the English culture.
    • lol but that corona one is quite similar especially with the 2 chinese men haha! 
    • Okay, that makes sense. I think that I take Sikh hegemony for granted given where my family originate from. I think partition also bolstered Sikh numbers in Malwa. A lot of people seem to have come from across the border there too - especially Lahore. Plus them Lahore lot are quite intellectual, so that helps too. 
    • That might change as you get older (mid 40s onwards), just hard graft (if you are a grafting type will usually suffice). But training to hit those muscles you don't hit with work graft (which has a tendency to overuse a small amount of specific muscle groups - and not others - can be a big issue when you get older). Get those rear delts and small back muscles in!!! Especially the rotator cuff and serratus anterior ! Or you can get muscle imbalances with can get debilitating. I'm screwing because I love graft, but I'm not a buddhra but I'm no spring chicken either, so I have to try and get a mixture of physical and sitting on your bhund type work in before it effs me up).   Plus goray will rinse you out with physical work (especially on sites). Now I know why so many old schoolers were binghay tedhay - they got nachored by ruthless, heartless goray panchoday foreman at work, while those <banned word filter activated> took all the saukha kumh.   I find it impossible to sleep without hard graft. Used to use alcohol for this when I was younger. 
    • doaba    Religion in Hoshiarpur district[5] Religion   Percent Hinduism   63.07% Sikhism   33.92% Islam   1.46% Christianity   0.94% Others   0.61%    Religion in Kapurthala district[4] Religion   Percent Sikhism   55.66% Hinduism   41.23% Others   3.11%   Religion in Jalandhar district[2] Religion   Percent Hinduism   63.56% Sikhism   32.75% Islam   1.38% Christianity   1.19% Others   0.74%    this is where my family are from  Religion in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district[7]ReligionPercent Hinduism 65.55% Sikhism 31.50% Islam 1.12% Others   1.83%
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