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    • What a blessed life that has blessed us all. 
    • Hazoori Ragi Balbir has sadly passed away hai Sahib inspired the whole panth with his passion for singing. It is said that he originally was a nihang but his love of kirtan he humbled himself and changed his turban so he would be allowed to play kirtan in Darbar Sahib Amritsar, and treasure of love. His words and life demonstrated not just his passion but also a simple teaching of our beloved Guru. Bhai Sahib explains to us all an important episode in history: During the time of Guru Arjun the ego had arisen in the musicians at the time who left the court of the Guru. Guru Arjun Dev taught the sangat that we don't need to rely on the particular talent of such people, we should all learn how to play kirtan ourselves. The sangat began to learn. It is on all of us to participate in Guru's court. And this is the kind of inspiration that Bhai Sahib lived by. He began learning kirtan at the age of 4 and he never stopped. Sikhs around the world will always be inspired by such lovers of gurbani as Bhai Balbir Singh ji! When you see him play, you can see it is no chore for him, not simply a job or an ambition to be recognized or any such thing. He plays kirtan with his whole body. Watch this legendary video of him and pray that all of us may have more such innocence and joy with Gurus words.  its very sad news and there not much recent kirtan vedios of his kirtan
    • crazy stuff,  cow poo and wee is a multi billion dollar industry!      i really can't get my head around how these people actually see cows as divine and drink/eat there wee/poo.  makes you wonder what will the future of Sikhs be in that country.     this vid says that cow poo has vitamin b-12   
    • Its a shame that he is not in any indian txt books, then again its no surprise. i dont think indians and pakistanis realize that the whole reason that kashmir and the khyber pakhtunkhwa areas are part of pakistan and india today is because of the sikh empire and hari singh nalwa.  kashmir and what is half of pakistan today were under the afghan darruni empire, had not hari singh nalwa made these regions part of the sikh empire then these regions would of been a part of afghanistan today. 
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