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Cricket Helmet - Help!

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Unnecessary bravery

I've seen the most immature replies in this thread, honestly. "Our grandfathers did this, they did that" You know what? Our grandfathers did A LOT of things that we wouldn't do today. They did the best they could, based on what they knew and what they had available to them. 

Now we have seatbelts, airbags, covid masks, hand sanitizer, glasses, mobile phones and if our "grandfathers" had these available to them I'd like to think they would be wise enough to make use of them.


During cricket adjust your hair/kes in a way which allows you to wear a helmet and enjoy your life within a safe boundary. 

Don't be a hero, don't get brain damage and don't lose an eye being influence by what an internet martyr is suggesting. A 5.75 ounce cricket ball doesn't care if you're the president of some far dystopian universe, if it hits you in the face you could be facing life long consequences. Guru Nanak wants you to live and enjoy his beautiful kirtan not in a hospital.

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    • So you spent a significant chunk of your life with your good lady (depending on when you got married). What can anyone say without annoying you? What you need to hear will probably upset you, not because it's untrue, but because you're obviously still hurting. Consider drawing a line underneath that period of your life. Not "forget" just acknowledge, appreciate, and unshackle yourself from that past. It's difficult. However, if you want to wallow, then nothing anyone says will ever be of use to you, because it just won't matter to you until you feel the need to start afresh.
    • You should be careful of being perpetually stuck in it. Like Mrs Haversham in Great Expectations...... There are things you can do to speed up the process after a while. Stuff like I mentioned.  If you got the money, you should start building your own gym.  This thread made me think too. Because of it, earlier today, I remembered my pal in his coffin, but I was able to process things quickly and dismiss the image and emotions and move on.  If you feel guilty about moving on from your missus, don't. She's want that too. If she loved you, she wouldn't want to see you unhappy.   
    • This thing is not consistent,  what happens as medical doctors use, you have an episode,  yes I work i am an automation programmer for a a big company,  what happens you go through the stages of grief and you eventually come out
    • You will never know. Even when you die, you will never know. Why obsess over this? Or if you REALLY need to know, I will tell you, "she is ok, having the time of her life." Don't ask me how I know. The questions you are asking are exactly those that Arjun asked Lord Shri Krishna on kurukshetra battlefield. The Lord allayed Arjun's fears and told him to do his duty. IN the same way, do your duty. To your soul. More than anything it comes across as MOH. Gurbani tells us never to overly attach ourselves to anything that is one day going to die. Read Gurbani and educate yourself.     If you don't beleive that ghosts or spirits exist, then simple you cannot believe in Gurbani, and the Guru. Read what SGGS says about these spirits. Try and open your mind to the Guru.    
    • You know this isn't true. If diasporan settlers created a bustling modern place, all the 'loyal to the pend' diasporans would come running to it. I think 'enclaves' (in lack of a better choice of words) would be inevitable.  Plus I'm wondering, in the hypothetical situation. Would it cause many of us who grew up elsewhere to gravitate towards each other rather than the indigenous? 
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