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Cricket Helmet - Help!

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Unnecessary bravery

I've seen the most immature replies in this thread, honestly. "Our grandfathers did this, they did that" You know what? Our grandfathers did A LOT of things that we wouldn't do today. They did the best they could, based on what they knew and what they had available to them. 

Now we have seatbelts, airbags, covid masks, hand sanitizer, glasses, mobile phones and if our "grandfathers" had these available to them I'd like to think they would be wise enough to make use of them.


During cricket adjust your hair/kes in a way which allows you to wear a helmet and enjoy your life within a safe boundary. 

Don't be a hero, don't get brain damage and don't lose an eye being influence by what an internet martyr is suggesting. A 5.75 ounce cricket ball doesn't care if you're the president of some far dystopian universe, if it hits you in the face you could be facing life long consequences. Guru Nanak wants you to live and enjoy his beautiful kirtan not in a hospital.

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