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Happy Birthday Sant Baba Harkirat Ji Lolz

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:nihungsmile: HARKS????? :)HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!!! :D wooo wooo wooo! loll woohoo.gif

hope u jus have the bestest day

harkirat siiiiiiiiiiiiiingh, its ur birthdaaaaaay

harkirat singggghhh is ur naaaaaaaaaame!

harksyyy ur one my favrutest frends

even though ur not from my peeeeendddd

u answer my sikhi questions when im all confused

even though u laff at me cuz im a bit of a bafoon

ur like my conscience (is that how u spell conscience?) ur like my mom

but its all gud cuz ur a DON!

u never judged me cuz ur a gud guy....

well u probably did in secret but i dont mind!!!

harks u never cease to inspire meeeee

luk at me going all soppp-yyyyyyy :sady:

harkiraaaaat we have shared sum lafs

because we r simply daft :lol:

u try 2 "hide" from me on internet sites ( :@ lol u no what i mean)

but i always finnndddd uuu cuz i got 4 eyes (the copyrighted enka!)

and now im off my dear good frend

this <banned word filter activated> poem has come 2 an end lol

harkirat singh what else can i saaaaaay?

ummm i hope u have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

...i want to keep going but i got an essay to do & then neighbours haha LOL

HAPPY 20th Harks! hope u achieve everything you wish 4 and stay in chardi kallaa in the next yr of ur life (&beyond)!! also, hope u get big muscley arms like me :umm: then u can rly say "i am a bandha now!" :lol: haha

May God bless u!

hus a big boy then? lolll :lol:

Many happy returns of the day

- me :lol: x x x x

woohoo.gif :e:

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