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Have you forgotten those days, when you were hangi

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This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Sorath on Pannaa 654

jb jrIAY qb hoie Bsm qnu rhY ikrm dl KweI ]

jab jareeai thab hoe bhasam than rehai kiram dhal khaaee ||

When the body is burnt, it turns to ashes; if it is not cremated, then it is eaten by armies of worms.

kwcI gwgir nIru prqu hY ieAw qn kI iehY bfweI ]1]

kaachee gaagar neer parath hai eiaa than kee eihai baddaaee ||1||

The unbaked clay pitcher dissolves, when water is poured into it; this is also the nature of the body. ||1||

kwhy BeIAw iPrqO PUilAw PUilAw ]

kaahae bheeaa firatha fooliaa fooliaa ||

Why, O Siblings of Destiny, do you strut around, all puffed up with pride?

jb ds mws aurD muK rhqw so idnu kYsy BUilAw ]1] rhwau ]

jab dhas maas ouradhh mukh rehathaa so dhin kaisae bhooliaa ||1|| rehaao ||

Have you forgotten those days, when you were hanging, face down, for ten months? ||1||Pause||

ijau mDu mwKI iqau sToir rsu joir joir Dnu kIAw ]

jio madhh maakhee thio sat(h)or ras jor jor dhhan keeaa ||

Like the bee which collects honey, the fool eagerly gathers and collects wealth.

mrqI bwr lyhu lyhu krIAY BUqu rhn ikau dIAw ]2] <

br>marathee baar laehu laehu kareeai bhooth rehan kio dheeaa ||2||

At the time of death, they shout, ""Take him away, take him away! Why leave a ghost lying around?""||2||

dyhurI lau brI nwir sMig BeI AwgY sjn suhylw ]

dhaehuree lo baree naar sa(n)g bhee aagai sajan suhaelaa ||

His wife accompanies him to the threshold, and his friends and companions beyond.

mrGt lau sBu logu kutMbu BieE AwgY hMsu Akylw ]3]

maraghatt lo sabh log <admin-profanity filter activated>(n)b bhaeiou aagai ha(n)s akaelaa ||3||

All the people and relatives go as far as the cremation grounds, and then, the soul-swan goes on alone. ||3||

khqu kbIr sunhu ry pRwnI pry kwl gRs kUAw ]

kehath kabeer sunahu rae praanee parae kaal gras kooaa ||

Says Kabeer, listen, O mortal being: you have been seized by Death, and you have fallen into the deep, dark pit.

JUTI mwieAw Awpu bMDwieAw ijau nlnI BRim sUAw ]4]2]

jhoot(h)ee maaeiaa aap ba(n)dhhaaeiaa jio nalanee bhram sooaa ||4||2||

You have entangled yourself in the false wealth of Maya, like the parrot caught in the trap. ||4||2||

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