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waheguru jee ka khalsa, waheguru jee kee fateh!!

taken from tapoban.org

Author: Charan Dhoor

Date: 05-27-07 04:37

Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh

Khalsa jio- I read this amazing Sakhi of Shevi Patshahi, may be many of you already read it or heard it, but its worth reading again.

In the times of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, there was a very poor gursikh who lived in a hut alone. This gursikh was blind and had grown to love the guru from what he had heard. As he couldn't travel anywhere he would find out who has gone from his village to see the guru.

He would ask them, "What does the Guru look like? What weapons does he keep? What stories does he tell?"

Each person would reply, "I cannot explain in words."

One night he could not sleep, as his thoughts were focused on meeting the guru. He longed so much to see the beautiful Mukh of Guru Maharaaj. He could not take it any longer and felt angry at himself for being blind.

"Guru Ji, I am such a dirty sinner, I am unworthy of your darshan. I do not know what countless sins I have committed for me to suffer without you."

At this moment Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji awoke from Samadhi, and told his Sikhs to get the horses ready to leave immediately.

The gursikh felt helpless and began to cry tearing his hut apart. He wanted to go to see his guru; he then made up his mind that he would go by foot and allow the guru to guide him. He packed some food and set off in the dark. On his way he tripped and fell hurting himself badly. His thoughts remained on meeting his guru as he lay on the ground.

He suddenly felt two strong arms lift him up to his feet, and he heard a voice. "I have come, my beloved. I could not sleep without doing your darshan, I felt my heart pulling me towards you and I had to come."

When the blind sikh heard this he fell to the guru's feet and could not contain himself. Guru ji again lifted him to him feet and said, "the home of Guru Nanak contains everything, ask of what you will."

"Guru Ji all that I ask of is that my eyes may work and have your beautiful darshan."

Guru ji smiled and kissed him on both eyes. When he opened them, he fell at Guru Ji's feet upon seeing him and wept at Guru Ji's feet. He stared at Guru Ji in amazement for some time.

"Beloved I must go now, it is amritvela and the sangat will be waiting."

" Guru Ji I cannot live without your Darshan now, what will I do?"

Guru Ji replied, "The house of Guru Nanak again offers what you ask of it, one more thing."

The gursikh fell to the floor and said, " Guru Ji if you are going to give me one more thing, then please take these eyes away as I wish not to see anything ever again after having your darshan." A tear dropped down Guru Ji's cheek as he granted the final wish.

waheguru jee ka khalsa, waheguru jee kee fateh!!!


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