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Where Did Udham Singh Kills Sir Michael Odwa

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Gurfateh !

The location where Udham Singh shot Sir Michael O'Dwyer, (the Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab in 1919) is The Tudor Room, Caxton Hall, Caxton Street, London SW1. The nearest tube station is St James's Park (Circle/District Line). The 'listed' building is being refurbished as posh flats and a 10 storey office block. As you'd expect there is no 'Plaque' commemorating the event !! - though one of my relatives from India expected to see one!

Here are some pictures

Caxton Hall 1940s


Caxton Hall today



The proposed office block


Front page of the 'Daily Mirror' - 14 March 1940


The Pistol used by Udham Singh - now in the 'Black Museum' Scotland Yard.


Handcuffed Udham Singh being led away by Police


Sir Michael O'Dwyer


Brigadier-General R E H Dyer - photograhed in 1919


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Jallianwalla Bagh in 1919



On the right you can see the 'shrine' where people hid from the bullets and on the left under the smallest tree you can see the 'Martyrs Well'


Udham Singh at Sunam in 1933


Udham Singh (on right) with Puran Singh Binning of Luton, Bedfordshire UK


Udham Singh in 1937


A Photograph taken on the Guru Nanak Janam Diwas Gurpurb - 18 November 1937 at the first Gurdwara in the UK - 79 Sinclair Road London W14 - Udham Singh can be seen right at the back


detail of Udham Singh


The exterior of 79 Sinclair Road Shepherds Bush London W14 - then and now



Hope that wasn't too long winded an answer to your question !


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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I know one true story about him:

Shaheed Udam Singh had many seperate occassions where he could have killed papi 0'Dyer however he didn't want to shoot him in the back but wanted to kill him face to face.


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OK.. Some real intresting stuff and some real nice pics to have thanks to the posters ..when i was at sixth form i did a project on this issue..had loads of original articles etc from the libary..Spent all my days in birmingham liabry going through reals of the times newspaper..Unfortunaelty a skih leader borrowed the file and i never got it back..

One thing i do rember is that some of the documenation is protected by some sort of secrecy order imposed by some judge of the time.. and it will expire in 100 yrs time...2040...Seems a bit harsh for a secrecy order to last that long however it was the year 1940 and things have changed one hell of a lot since then...

My question to the forum is are there any legal people on the forum...with the cold war over and them secrets made public...what are the chances of this documentaion been relased earlier..

Sadly i wont be around in 2040 to find out what it is..

Alterntivley does any one have an inclination to what the documents contents are...

Further more does anyone know if udham singh has any surving family or anything else about his personal life..feel free to message me direct if its of topic for the forum

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A Revolutionary's Case Diary

Shaheed Udham Singh married US girl, had 2 sons: Scholar

Sushil Goyal

Tribune News Service

Sangrur, July 29

Though Shaheed Udham Singh, who shot dead a former Lt Governor of Punjab, Sir Michael F. O'Dwyer, on March 13, 1940 in Caxton Hall, London, to avenge the Jallianwala Bagh massacre after 21 years, had two sons, but many people do not know anything about this aspect of the life of the great martyr of the nation.

Prof Sikander Singh, a research scholar on Shaheed Udham Singh's life and works, said today no one knew about the whereabouts of the sons of the martyr even today as they had neither exposed themselves as sons of Shaheed Udham Singh nor made a claim to this effect so far. In the light of this, the Central and Punjab governments should initiate steps to locate the sons of the great martyr, as they were not the sons of Udham Singh only, but of India also now, he added.

Prof Sikandar Singh added that as per the statement of Udham Singh, made on September 9, 1927, at City Kotwali, Amritsar, he reached Claremont in California (USA) in February 1922 where he got a job in the mechanical section of Hudson garage. There he became acquainted with an American girl, Lloope, with whom he solemnised marriage in 1923 at Long Beach (USA) where he had found a job in the Aero-plane Department of a company.

As Udham Singh was associated with the Gadar Party, the party shifted him to New York in the last week of December 1924 for organising revolutionary activities from there. Udham Singh had said in a statement that he had two sons from his American wife, Lloope, with whom he stayed at Lexington Avenue in New York up to 1927. Prof Sikander Singh, who visited the USA from December 2006 to February 2007 for research on Shaheed Udham Singh and locate the whereabouts of the sons of the martyr, told this reporter that he had come to know from a Claremont resident, Leo, who claimed to be a classfellow of the sons of Shaheed Udham Singh in 1932 at Claremont's Sacramento School, that in those days Udham Singh's sons had been called "Indian's sons". As per Leo's statement, Lloope, the mother of the "Indian's sons" was very beautiful and talented with big eyes, who died before 1935. After that Lloope's sons left for Arizona (USA) with a relative of their mother, he added.

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