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    • Does your misbehaving kid have a smartphone? Confiscate it - that’s a good punishment 😂😁 For young people smartphones are life support machines, along with WiFi 🤣
    • Exactly bro, the reason why the british imperialists was so fearful of the Sikh empire and the last indian kingdom to be conquered was because of their economic system of governance and military derived from the Sikh faith. So once they had managed to wage war and take it over they then installed their christian missionaries all over the place to subdue the people. This is why I wrote the other thread what is the reason for all these missionaries? Its because its a continually of oppression of the same british empire system that enslaved the people in the first place and why the natives of punjab resisted christianity and resisted islam when they first came to the lands. The punjabi's are hot blooded they do not take kindly to oppressive regimes that steal from the people overtly or covertly. When general o'dwyer opened fire on the peaceful protestors at the jallinwala bagh it wasnt because he wanted to massacre people for the sake of it. He said in his own words he feared rebellion in punjab and so it was his way to crush it early on and teach the people a lesson not to rise up even if they was peaceful because he wanted to set an example that the rulers were willing to murder and genocide them. Similarly we saw what indira gandhi and her establishment did they did that because they feared punjab feared Sikhs they wanted to teach the rebelious Sikhs that they are in power and a genocide was their way of the same system of oppression to show them not to oppose their unjust rule. And if we go back to the examples of our Guru's our 6th guru built the sri akal takht sahib as a sovereign challenge to the brutal oppressive mughul rulers of the day. After the martyrdom of guru arjan sahib ji it was game on: (kar sewa and rebuilding of sri akal takht sahib after destruction of it by the indian state in 1980s) The original takht was a simple platform, 3.5 meters (11 ft.) high and stood a little taller than the Mughal Emperors throne in Red Fort Delhi intentionally as a statement about the soverignty of the Sikhs outside the other worldly Governments. Guru Hargobind Sahib would sit in court to receive petitions and administer justice. He was surrounded by insignia of royalty such as the parasol and the flywhisk. Many Sikhs gathered here for the redressal of their grievances. The Guru desired the Sikhs to bring arms and horses as part of their offerings in order to uphold the sovereignty of the Guru and the Sangat. This was readily done and some of them personally joined Darbar Sahibs armed gaurd. Here, Guru Hargobind Sahib watched the Sikhs performing exercises in the art of warfare.   Th
    • How big should a male's kachhera be ideally ? By AjeetSingh2019,  May 25 in GUPT | ANON As big as a male in question’s backside of course! How big is his  backside if you don’t mind telling us here on a public forum. 
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