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Sikh Girls In Pakistani Brothels

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I don't blame you guys but this is usually the response you get from people who are unable to do anything even if they wanted to and cover up their weakness with statements like these. It's a semi fac

To me it is total weakness. Great to hear that girls in your family were brought up well but what about those who weren't and got caught up in western bullsh!t? People make mistakes and if it's possib

Bro its not weakness its just the logical response. We are able to do action that is instilling our sisters with proper values, if your not their for your daughter sister growing up imprinting our rel

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9 hours ago, PuzzledToo said:

Looking at it from a very realistic perspective, realizing our lack of muscle and representation in the Pak underworld,  for those girls already in that hellhole,

They have been shook up a bit lately. Not enough though (in my opinion). 


I would assume after some years of non stop abuse and after a certain age their value goes down and are not that much in demand, do you think an arrangement could be made to buy the girls from their pimps and get them out of there asap? Using force would be futile and could backfire on the girls, but everyone loves money and an arrangement could be possible. First step would be an expeditionary team going on the ground doing a few months of research trying to locate these girls, unofficially, masquerading as businessmen looking for a good time etc. No contact should be made with Government officials as they would sabotage the whole effort to deny that such a thing even exists.

This would backfire, and make them do it even more. 

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