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What Is The Point Of School?

What do you think of 'school'  

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  1. 1. What do you think of 'school'

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    • It is pointless

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Knowledge is power.

No one school boy WANTS to go to school. You have to understand that.

But like its been discussed before why are our people so successful in life? Because they study hard and earn respect.

Do you want a good life where you can support your family? Yes, everyone does so if you just get decent enough grades to get a DECENT job you can do that but if you leave school like those kalei do - uneducated then your going to get no where.

By the way Khalsa Productions, how old are you?

Sorry if I have offended anyone in any way, Bhull chukk maaf karni.

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For most of us, it's best if we get an education;get the job; do our dharma-di-kirat. Even Sadhus, Sants, Mahapurshs generally stress the importance of Sikhs being educated and getting decent jobs. For the grishti, this is an important aspect of life.

But, for some there is a greater duty to be fulfilled. By Maharaj ji's Grace, some are meant not to get duniyavee (worldly) education, but instead get parmarthic vidyia (Godly education). These individuals become incapable of taking their surti-birti (mind, concentration) away from anything related to Parmatama. In the beginning of their lives they may even have gained a certain amount of duniyavee vidyia, but always a feeling of emptyness and longing for something more ticked inside them.

These types of people should go into the company of learned Sadhu Sants and start the real vidyia their karms are pulling them toward.

These are the exceptions who are meant to do bhagati, parchaar, or even both.

But I doubt this is what Khalsa Production is on about. He already stated his loss of faith in the worldly education is not due to a longing for bhagti. My advice for him would be to find something easier, simpler, perhaps learn a trade, if college education just doesn't sit well. Or, take a semester off, go travel to any place like India and see how fortunate you are to have opportunity. Seriously! Not meant to sound harsh, but the mind has ways of making us feel like the most unprivilaged and miserable being, which usually isn't rue if you live in any of the developed nations.

My advice once again Khalsa Production, if you have a longing for bhagati and Gurmat Vidyia, go find a proper learned Sadhu Sant in punjab and start your real education. But might I caution you, this path is very very difficult because your tests will be tough. Many of the great katha vachaks, parcharics, and Mahapurshs of the past and present have had to go through phase(s) of extreme poverty, family pains in various forms, and other difficulties.

Otherwise, be wise and get educated in some field you can handle working in.

Or, you could opt for getting a menial labour job in which you could probably end up doing more bhagati (assuming you need not concentrate too much for the job). yOu could keep your concentration on Maharaj, do naam-abhyiaas, and work with your hands(like how Bhagat Namdevji answered upon being question by their fellow Brahmgyiani friend, Bhagat Trilochan Ji).

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^another big reason to goto school and pay attention.

You may learn how to write in english with some sense of grammer and punctuation.

I understand your point, but I'm actually in set 1 for english so really that comment doesn't apply to me tongue.gif

oh and I just thought of another reason, the ones that actually need to learn the basics at the very least are the ones who bunk half the time and get away with it. Seriously, schools are just fake these days and only really care about their rep.

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i used to have the same thinking as khalsa productions

when i was in year 11 i hardly went to school and didnt do any work, and i wanted to quit

BUT, i have spoken to MANY learned gursikhs about this

they ALL have said that we should go to school, even the gursikhs who didnt go to school and had factory jobs.

if you go to school and get an education, you will get a good job with good salary

if u get good salary you wont be working all day and night, you will have time to go to smagams, akhand paath, take time off when you have too.

it will be easier to do your sikhi

and finally if you are in doubt, go to your panj pyare and ask them

panj pyare told me to continue with education

another point which gursikhs have made to me, is that you should try your best

if you try your best at school and get all u grades, thats fine, just get a job, but if you know you can get good grades and you quit you are not performing to your potential and you are wasting the talent that maharaaj has blessed you with

most people who say school is a waste of time are those at school, (i too am at school btw) if any one who is older says that, then lets hear from them

goin to school also gives you a routine which is good

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Who voted 9 on "not going to school".

Probably Khalsa Productions with multiple accounts tongue.gif


Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh

some people sent me PM's that they agreed with me and expressed there views they voted

hmm but that gives me an idea lol

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh

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