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[naamnet] 3.4 - Re-incarnation And Transmigration

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3.4 - Re-Incarnation And Transmigration

With the theory of Karma is associated the theory of rebirth. It is based on the conception that there is an intrinsic spiritual value in the soul of man, which guarantees its everlasting existence. Every creature is an organic part of the creation as a whole.

The conservation of spiritual values is also based on this idea.

In Sikh Way of Life there are two distinct doctrines which fall under the category of rebirth. When a soul passes from one human life to another, in its moral and spiritual progress, it goes on acquiring human births till it acquires Nirvana.

Such a rebirth is a blessing and gift of God. It means God out of His mercy and compassion has given us one more opportunity to fulfill our ultimate destiny and the seeker of Truth cries out, when He is at His door : "For many lives I have been separated from Thee, 0 Beloved. This life is dedicated to Thee, and Thy Love. (bahut janam bichre the madho eh janam tumare lekhe. Ravi Das panna 694).

Human life is an opportunity to rise to God and Heaven or fall into the hell of births and deaths. We exercise our free will within the limits of birth and death in our pilgrimage to Truth. That is why human life is called a very precious life (durlabh- manns-janam).

This reincarnation is in the ascending order till man completely eliminates rebirth. Through the Guru's word is rebirth eliminated"( sidh gost ) It is "God who created lower lives and the cycle of births and deaths."(avagaun tudh ap racaya- Asa di //) It is the path of thorns leading to the valley of flowers.

The Buddha is said to have passed through many births, stories about which are preserved in the Jatakas, and Avadans. Guru Gobind Singh Jee speaks of his past birth "as a great Yogi meditating in the Himalayas till His Spirit attained perfect union with God, and was sent as the torch bearer of Truth and Dharma."(Bachiter Natik)

Every man can cut asunder the bounds of birth and death during human life, and attain perfection. This hope is extended by the Sikh Gurus to the lowliest of the low, to every human being living on the planet, no matter what his status, color of the skin or nationality and race.

The Chains are cut asunder, Rebirth has ended, The mind is conquered and victory achieved. .Adi Granth, Guru Arjan : Bavan Akhari 38

Rebirth in the descending order is a punishment and a curse. The soul passes through animal lives suffering untold agonies. As a beast of burden he carries the load of his sins, without any opportunity to get out of his present predicament. This is transmigration avagavan. The wicked become victims of the wheel of sorrow.( haumai hoi bandhana, phir joni pahi, Asa- Di- //).


Extracted from Punjabi University article by Trilochan Singh Jee

The reincarnation article was very good. Just one clarification, although we all know this but I'll say it anyway, in the article 'man' means mankind. Sikhi believes men and women are equally qualified to reach Waheguru ji (someone told me in Hinduism you have to be born a man of Brahmin caste to stand a chance of getting out of the wheel of reincarnation ...correct me if this is wrong).

Now onto the juicy stuff!!....there's a young Sant in India, he went to a house and recognised the picture of the Sant on the wall. It was him in his previous life! He's collected 4 pictures of himself from previous lives - each time he was a Sant!

Now if a Sant gets reincarnated 4 times what chance do i have Guru Jee? Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Jee I do not want to be born again, kirpa karo jee :

'...the seeker of Truth cries out, when He is at His door : "For many lives I have been separated from Thee, 0 Beloved. This life is dedicated to Thee, and Thy Love. (bahut janam bichre the madho eh janam tumare lekhe. Bhagat Ravi Das Jee panna 694).

Whatever it takes Baba jee, whatever I have to do, bless me so I do it, Japio Jin Arjun Dev Guru Fer sankat jon garab na a-i-o...Whoever mediates on Guru Arjun Dev jee does not enter births and deaths through the womb again.

Everything belongs to You Guru Gobind Singh Jee, mun tun tera dhan bee tera ..mind and body are yours, wealth is yours too Guru jee. Nothing is mine. This life is to serve the Khalsa, Khalsa is Your Special Form Guru Jee..Khalsa mera Roop Ha Khaas... serving the Khalsa is serving You. Kirpa Karo Jee so this kookar-dog of your Darbar-Court may serve them always and forever.

Vaisakhi is around the corner....time to stand up and give your head to Guru Gobind Singh Jee via the Punj Pyare in the prescence of Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Jo To Prem Khelan Ka Chao Sir Dhar Talee Galee Meree Ao. Whoever wants to play the game of love-bring your head to me on the palm of your hand....instructs/requests/ORDERS Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Now onto the juicy stuff!!....there's a young Sant in India, he went to a house and recognised the picture of the Sant on the wall. It was him in his previous life! He's collected 4 pictures of himself from previous lives - each time he was a Sant!

Now if a Sant gets reincarnated 4 times what chance do i have Guru Jee? Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Jee I do not want to be born again...

Well, Veer ji, let me offer two possible viewpoints here. Perhaps both are or could be correct:

1) Perhaps Sant ji requested to come back out of compassion for humanity during very difficult times.

2) When you get to the other side (and you are in that elevatd state of consiousness that I know you will be in) you will see what a play this whole world is. Then you will be begging to come back, fully knowing that you will have to suffer because you will see clearly how much you are satisfying your soul and your life purpose by being in service to Guru Sahib, even as you are now. This is so obvious from your posts, so please don't waste bandwith with a bunch of denials, telling us how rotten you are. Could you do more? Of course, we all could. But sometimes we need to acknowledge ourselves and each other for the little we are doing.

It was a beautiful day in May of '94. She was working, setting tile on the veranda of a mediteranean style 3 story mansion. She had to start in the sevants quarters, basement bathroom, to show the quality of her work. She managed to work her way up, to the top level bathrooms. From there she was given about 3,ooo feet of outside decking to do. Now she was intent on making one of those special custom cuts. She never reallly understood her motivation to do this type of work. It was heavy, and dirty, but beautiful when it was finished, rewarding in that way, and it lasted, much longer than housework. Still, since she worked in a family buisness, she never had been payed directly before, in fact this was the first time, she was working with a close family friend. Over the years though, she tried to perfect her craft into an art,for her personal satisfaction, as well as to please the clientele. And at last, it was paying off.

All day the workers had been laying bricks for the back patio, her tile saw was filled with yellow, brown brick dust. She could hear the waves gently lapping across the street, the ocean was an incredible color of blue, the cypress trees a deep green, with a pale spanish moss hanging from them. The veranda was sillouted with huge imported european balaster railing. She bent over concentrating intently on the curve of the cut she was making, reddish brown water running off the tile staining her hands,when suddenly... defying description, the field of her vision changed. Like light bending in a camera lense. She was at the Nile, 2000 years before. She could see the edge of the river, soft muddy brown, flowing gently by, and could hear and feel it it lapping gently at her knees. There were huge green rushes, and she was bent down grinding tile.The sky was an incredible deep blue. Suddenly it all made sense. She thought to herself, I just keep coming back and doing this, i've been doing this for lifetimes. I could probably go to Egypt right now and fine some of my work that lasted trough the ages. Just then, a white sports car came charging up the driveway, An incredibly tan couple, tepped out and began to inspect the villa ( prospective buyers). IT happened again, She could see through the disguise of the soul, this couple had been the owners of the of that dwelling she had worked on 2,000 years ago. She had seen them often enough, strolling in the cool evening on the tiled walk,discussing, her work. Then everything fell into place, the singh she was working for, he had been there too, as a fellow worker. And the woman financing the project, who did daily inspections, She had been the overseer. They had all been together before. She looked up and saw the couple, standing at the balconly , her long blonde hair billowing out in the breeze, over looking the ocean. Did they remember too? Last time they had driven a chariot with white chargers.

Ok, admittedly she had watched x-files the night before.. something triggered this memory..She rushed off to tell everyone about it. On her way home, that evening as she left the gated community, IT happened again, She saw herself in a woman, with long brown hair, driving by in a yellow compact station wagon. There i go, she thought to herself, as she *felt* herself go by. 20 years before she had been pressured to buy that car, well one that style, and that exact, uncommon, shade of yellow. Now that was a flash.

She had always had a vague feeling that in a previous life, she had been egyptian. Of course something much more exotic, than a lowly tile setter,. She had thought more a long the lines of high priestess, capable of soul travel,,... After all, She was born in NILES MI. And she'd been given jewelry some 20 years before that was 2,000 years old, that had come from somb tomb,...a scarab ring, some ancient rare double, jade and wheat, colored beads and ...an anubus jackal. But, to see yourself in aother existance in the present. Now that was something to think about.

She reached the conclusion, that time instead of being linear, as we expeience it, is like a circle. Our former lives, are not necessarily in the past, or in contiuim, but our past may be from the future. We may be reborn into the past. And like in the michael j. fox movie 'back to the future,' we just might bump into ourself, right in the here and now.

What does this have to do with naam? you might be wondering. Naam is the only way out of the circle.

Now if this lowly person, who is capable only of making mistakes, can experience this sort of realization, surely a sant who has incarnated 5 times as a Sant, can see through the souls disguise and recognize himself. Just as surely we can respect his word. And if one of our brothers make mistake in the telling, surely we can forgive and try to understand his illustrative purpose in trying to get us to Jaap Naam. Waheguru ji whaeguru waheguru waheguru waheguru don't think about it, that is a waste, this human life is precious, use it to jaap naam. it is the only way out. waheguru wahegure waheguru waheguru

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