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Help!-sleepin Issues

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exercise helps A LOT. it used to take me up to 20-30 lying in bed until i fell asleep but now with school, i get enough exercise just walking to and from classes. so for the past few weeks, i've been falling asleep within 5-10 mins.

also the book at this link has some really good info, helped me out a lot - "How To Sleep Less And Have More Energy"

it's kind of long, i think 60-70 pages but i just skipped the parts that i didnt really need to read.

here's a summary:

Inside you'll learn...

checkmark.gifThe most misleading LIE about sleep that is costing you your health and energy every single day.

checkmark.gif How sleeping 8 hours or more each night can actually lower your energy, and drag you down all day.

checkmark.gif14 powerful habits that will pump-up your sleep system, let you wake up 1-3 hours earlier with more energy than when you slept longer.

checkmark.gifOne sleep "secret" action you can take within 45 seconds of opening your eyes in the morning, to instantly raise your energy.

checkmark.gifWhy "catching up on sleep" often leaves you more tired than before and 3 simple steps to eliminating that problem.

checkmark.gif Which sleeping pills have devastating effects on your health and what to do to avoid long term medical problems if you're currently using them.

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Read a physics textbook. Always worked for me.

On a side note there was a small-scale study done claiming that using a mobile phone before going to bed prevents you from getting a good, deep sleep.

On a serious note, warm milk and a warm bed is a good start. Also if you've worked hard during the day, excerised (as said above) or maybe gotten up really early, the tiredness will knock you out.

And most importantly Sohila Saaheb : )

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^ I was going to say, great minds think alike :D , but then I realised that if I really had a great mind I'd probably understand physics!

To the OP, getting a good night's sleep is also much easier if you're more relaxed/happier and not worried or stressed. If there's anything on your mind that prevents you from sleeping, try to talk to someone or find a way to relieve the tension.

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Anyone remember this classic? -> sau jaa babuaaa, mano billi aai aaaa

awwww my mom used to sing that for meee :@ ..esp when i used to think there were big tall scary bunnies in my closet :D

awwww bhenji thats so cute! not scared anymore are you LOL

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Fateh Ji

Make sure you are not over exposing yourself to unnatural light (computer screens around bed time, light bulbs etc). You basically need to synchronise your sleep-wake cycle and having too much light in your face just before bedtime makes it difficult to go to sleep. I would try to sit in the dark when you do your kertn sohila paath. Keep all lights off go and go to sleep in the darkness. This is a really good read about sleep in general


More specific would be this article about research done for NASA Atronauts who tend to lose sleep due to constant shuttle light....Read this article http://www.inserm.fr/en/presse/CP_scientif...fier28may07.pdf

With the advance of technology I believe some of us more than others are more sensitive and so we have a tendency to put lights on all the time when rather we should be in harmony with the natural daylight changes. I think controlling light levels will really help you. Computers especially around bedtime are a huge problem so don't use yours before bed. I think this is the main problem whilst the others recommeded are minor. Hope that helped!

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    • Paedophile doctor, 28, who groomed '13-year-old girl' on Kik using the username 'olderc**k' walks free from court after his lawyer blamed his actions on working long hours during the pandemic James Peter Farthing, 28, spoke to the 'teenager' on messaging service Kik He asked to see pictures of her and sent the account a picture of his <banned word filter activated> But the NHS doctor was actually speaking to an undercover police officer He admitted attempting to groom a child and was given a suspended sentence  A doctor who attempted to groom a '13-year-old girl' online has been spared prison after his lawyers blamed his actions on working long hours during the Covid pandemic. James Peter Farthing, 28, spoke to the 'teenager' on messaging service Kik - under the username 'olderc**k' - as well as on Snapchat. The junior doctor, who worked for the NHS in Stockport, asked to see photographs of her body and shared an image of <banned word filter activated>. The account was actually being run by an undercover police officer and Farthing was later arrested for attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child. However, today he walked free from Minshull Street Crown Court after being handed a suspended sentence. Lawyers mitigating for Farthing, said he had been juggling working long hours during the pandemic, his wife's health condition and his training.  They said he had 'emotional struggles', had been watching pornography and smoking cannabis at the time - but that he was working to address his issues. Her Honour Judge Tina Landale sentenced him to six months in prison, suspended for two years, after he admitted attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child. He was handed concurrent sentences for attempting to involve a child aged 13 or over in non-penetrative sexual activity; and attempting to engage with a child aged 13 to 15 to watch and look at images of a sexual nature. The court heard Farthing spoke to the 'girl' on Kik - under the username 'olderc**k', Fiona Clancy, prosecuting said. He also spoke to her on Snapchat, in March. He said he was 23 and from Leeds. The 'girl' was called 'Beth' and was said to have been from Liverpool. The cop used a picture of kittens to portray how young she was, Ms Clancy said. Farthing asked 'Beth' if she was into 'older guys' and if she would send him a picture. 'Beth' told him: 'I'm 13, by the way.' Farthing replied: 'Cool. Are you down for role play or sex?' He asked to see her body and offered to show her his <banned word filter activated>. The 'girl' said she was worried about sending a photograph. Farthing reassured her that if she didn't include her face, it 'should be fine'. 'The fact that the undercover officer was 13 was reiterated, but the sexual conversations continued,' Ms Clancy said, as the conversations moved to Snapchat. Farthing told 'Beth': 'I have spoken to a few girls that like older men.' The officer then sent a picture of a young, clothed girl.  Farthing sent a photograph of his <banned word filter activated>. 'I really want to touch your body and see what you look like naked,' he said. He then sent another picture of his <banned word filter activated>. Ms Clancy said that when officers arrested Farthing, he said he was 'ashamed' and 'tried to stop', but 'gave in to sexual pleasure', the court heard. Simon Gurney, defending, said Farthing, who has no previous convictions, was 'deeply ashamed and remorseful for his behaviour'.   His supervisor - a consultant - and training programme director provided statements to the court. Staff and patients 'all expressed shock' after Farthing was arrested, the court heard, as people thought he had a good 'moral compass'.  Mr Gurney said they 'stand by him' because they acknowledge his remorse. The lawyer said it was the first time in Farthing's career that he didn't enjoy his work - and that his family was in debt as a result of the pandemic.  Mr Gurney said Farthing 'only has himself to blame for jeopardising' his career.  Judge Landale said the 'girl' made it 'clear that she didn't want to talk about sex'.  Farthing was ordered to take part in the Horizon project; to complete 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days; and to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work. He was also made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order - to last a decade.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9995087/NHS-junior-doctor-28-groomed-13-year-old-girl-Kik-spared-prison.html  
    • Plus who said I was some 'admitted expert' about the dumbing down? There's no two ways about it, everything is dumbed down for pendus. Who can't see that? The only people who can't see it, are the dumb themselves. 
    • Who do you think is the dog's bollocks then? Go on, give us a laugh.  To be honest, they are pretty much all insufferable to me, that's why I prefer reading. This guy just smashed it with his santhiya readings, I can't count how many other people have also learnt to read Gurbani from his recitals. That's got to be acknowledged. I did see him a few times at Goodmayes Gurdwara and he was better than most I've ever heard (which ain't many). I mean I stayed till the end for the first time. lol Moms used to watch Maskeen a lot, but as a young energetic person, I always found his style a bit boring and couldn't engage. Plus you know all these guys like to add their things in. And you should know by now, given the opportunity, I prefer trying to decipher the original puratan texts when I'm able to.  It's like shastarsingh said on another thread, You can pick up important information within two minutes in a book that you have to listen to two hours katha for....  Katha not my thing, so I'm no expert about it. But seeing as it's mainly done for rurals, I don't have high expectations anyway. At least they aren't bhangra paa-ing like fudhoos I guess? Not until later in the evening anyway.  PS - I think maybe because he is of a considerable girth, his vocal delivery is clear. Some others I have heard sound like they are mumbling somewhat which is off putting.  
    • You've got to be joking me, bro. This Singh is a top kathavachak for you? You, the admitted expert about the gradual dumbing down of Sikhi to appeal to the lowest common denominator, defending this religious gentleman? I hope you're trolling me.
    • Plz listen at 9:00 sec Some people using kisan andolan to fool nri Sikhs.
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